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Product Of You september 26, 2002

hmm, well, im back..and im working on it. i really hate this font. i have SO many cool ones..but nobody else does so it wouldnt do much good. i hate being a perfectionist... umm, i got the basic stuff up, but i dont know what to put on the "media" page, and i dont have pictures yet for the "visual" one..hmm.and the diary page im going to have you do. because..i just am. lol. you need to tell me what to put up on here because other wise i'll just ramble on about nothing, like i am now. *rolls eyes*

september 19, 2002

so, tim, i finally got this first page up! its on the way...i promise! when i get back from NY, i'll finish the rest of these..but in the mean time, at least you have a news page. :\