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Product Of You name: Jonathan Paul Hughes
birthdate: 2/7/85
favorite bands: Mest, the Ataris, OPM, Blink 182 (pre-enema), MXPX, Rufio, Pilot Light, AFI, Buddy Holly, NFG, Pennywise, Sugarcult, Unwritten Law, and Guns 'n' Roses
fav food: Pizza
hobbies: sleeping
things you like? boobs
fav TV show: simpsons
fav movie: Baseketball
stuff ur scared of: fat chicks running towards me
fav clothing company: Quicksilver
fav color: Blue
favorite show/worst show:u mean concert?
equipment: tama swingstar (borrowed of course)
what does music mean to you: anything where the artist/artists write their own music and play their own instruments
most embarrasing moment(if you want):none
if you could see one group live that is no longer together, who?: Guns 'n' Roses
favorite actor/actress: actor: Edward Norton Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt (just cos she's so damn hot)