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G e o t i c G e o t i c

Minimal / Ambient music project of Will Wiesenfeld.
All music available here, FREE for download.
If you feel like contributing, donations are appreciated ♥

"Bless the Self"

[Download] // [Cover]

1. Isolated Speech
2. Isolated Mind
3. Illusory Body
4. Clear Light
5. Union

New EP [14:17],
made while on the road with Braids in February, 2011.
Mixed and completed on (05.20.11)
Cover image of Raphaelle Standell-Preston.
Wind samples throughout are from an earlier Geotic release, "Wind II."
Sounds best when heard with gapless playback between tracks.
Enjoy :)


[Download] // [Cover]

1. Unwind
2. Beaming Husband
3. Find Your Peace
4. Time Passes In a Slow Sundown
5. Disrobe and Come to Bed
6. Get Held
7. Sleep and We'll Transition
8. Into Some Spirit World
9. Our Awe
10. The Sprawling, Glorious Newness
11. I'll Have Come and Gone With You
12. Through the Lush and Undiscovered
13. And Upon Awakening
14. We've Mended

Full-length album [48:22],
made between (12.26.10) and (12.30.10).
Sort of a spirit successor to the Geotic album 'Hearth.'
Cover is an Optomap Retinal Photo of my left eye.
Pitchfork posted a gracious review of the album as well.
Enjoy :)


[Download] // [Cover]

1. The Hell
2. The Hungry Ghost
3. The Animal
4. The Human
5. The Jealous God
6. The God

Full-length album [68:44],
made between (08.17.10) and (08.23.10).
Very ambient and droning music loosely based on the
Buddhist belief of different realms of reincarnation.
(The six realms of cyclic existence,
the six styles of imprisonment, etc...)
I'd recommended listening at a fairly quiet volume :)


[Download] // [Cover]

Had this lying around after several failed drafts,
finally got the vocals to what I wanted on (03.08.10).
Length is [4:00]. Cover is a photo taken in Amsterdam.
A bit different, hope you like :)


[Download] // [Cover]

1. At Our Cabin In The Woods
2. I Find Your Warmth Infectious
3. Smiles and Experiments In The Vanilla Kitchen
4. Time Melts Like Snow Off The Porch
5. The Logs Burn Slower Here
6. We Forget The Days of The Week
7. Our Windows Glow, Safe From Frozen Trees
8. Filling Our Lives With Each Other
9. Sleeping Forever; We're Gods On Miles Of Clouds
10. I’m Learning Who You Are

Full-Length album [44:14],
made between (12.25.09) and (12.31.09).
Cover by Jude Wiesenfeld
Enjoy :)

"Wind II"

[Download] // [Cover]

Around 19 minutes;
Field recording of the Santa Ana Winds at approx. 2:00 A.M.
outside my home in Chatsworth, CA on (10.01.09).
The sound of my favorite time of year.
Good sleepytime stuff.


[Download] // [Cover]

1. Kozue

Featuring Mario Luna on some additional vocals.
Supposed to relate to a character from Maison Ikkoku.
Length is [5:40], Completed (09.03.09).

"Duchenne Smile"

[Download] // [Cover]

1. Simplehearted
2. Igloo
3. Buried Library
4. Gryffindor Mixer
5. Nanotech Serenade
6. Meadow
7. Vegetable Garden
8. Midnight; Strolling the Treehouse Network
9. Pokémon Potluck
10. Mysticism and Spaceflight

Full-length album [27:55], completed as of (07.31.09)
Special thanks to Greg Hartunian for being nice enough
to hold on to some of these loops for over a year.
Cover photo of Jane Kilcullen by Cory Sargeant.

"Riding Thermals"


1. Riding Thermals

It's been cut down to song length [5:40], but I had this
looping for 4 hours this morning (05.09.09) while I slept.
Super soft. Enjoy.

"Winter Loops"

[Download] // [Cover]

1. Sledding
2. The Poles
3. Fireplace
4. Ex-Doctrine

I made all four loops on Christmas day (12.25.2008).
Length is [13.38]. Contains a bit of rhythm. Cool.
Hope it adds a little something to your Holidays!



1. Evening Hot Spring (Fanfiction)
2. Dirt (Lonely in Big Bear)
3. Middle School Sleepaways (Yosemite)
4. Wind (Trip to Coachella)
5. Nighttime Aquatics (Catalina)
6. Dew (Yosemite When No One's Looking)
7. Wildest Motions (Youth)
8. Light (Waiting on Iceland)
9. People Watching (Halloween Parades)
10. Greenery Beyond Clouds (The Ooccas' City in the Sky)

My first Geotic endeavor. Full length album [53:14].
Made in February of 2008.
Enjoy :)