The Silencers

silence is the agent of the slayer of the sane
masquerading and invading cutting off your voice
passivity apathy rising up inside of me
trying to deny me of my choice

lose individuality, kill your personality
deny your own existence, disconnect reality

sobriety propriety i'm sick of your society
i want you off my back you see,
so damn your misplaced piety

and as you tighten our muzzles,
as you tie the tape around our heads,
as you chain us down,
you tell us "silence is golden",
you tell us "silence is beautiful",
well, i know your dirty little secret, and i'm telling you
that if silence is beautiful, i want to be hideous
the noise might hurt just a little bit,
but quiet's deadly and insidious

i see them all around me now,
can't get away, i don't know how
the blood like sweat upon my brow
but on my knees i will not bow
they'll never see my neck bend low
won't have the pleasure, never know
won't see the rage inside me grow
i hope you've all enjoyed the show
you'll find someday to your surprise
you've lost control of all the lies
turned upside down before your eyes
and no one's there to hear your cries...