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Carpe Dementia
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CARPE DEMENTIA: Seize the insanity.

"There is nothing wrong with your life that the right psychologist can't exaggerate".-- Laurence J. Peter                                                             

Turn off whatever part of your brain controls logic and rationality and buy into compassionate conservatism. You'll be safer that way and life will be less stressful. Your anxieties and economic concerns can be alleviated by the latest over-priced prescription pharmaceuticals. You need not be concerned with your neighbors' watching for evidence of your lack of patriotism or the Government watching your conversations and e-mail for the appearance of dissent.

Carpe dementia and join the unquestioning mob marching toward oligarchy and blind servitude to our owners.



On the internet? Don't be ridiculous. Information on the internet has been, by tradition, free, as should be all information . Can you copyright an idea? Can you enforce a copyright? Are there guidelines for quality or content of communication? Who judges quality or content? The reader, of course. If the reader doesn't like the material, (s)he is free to not continue to read it. No need for legislation or blue ribbons.


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