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EWF Massacre!


Links //

Roster //

Robert Romulo
Kevin O'Reilly
Chad Gray

PPV //

The first pay per view will be after the first 5 shows or so.

Staff //

Ring Announcer: Shannon

Interviewer: Lahela

More Jobs Soon!

EWF Massacre

Welcome to Massacre. We have our first show up scroll all the way down to view it! But before the shows be shure to check out or awsome bios of our Superstars and Divas. If you would like to be a Massacre Superstar or Diva just neomail paintedbabyboy your bio. Massacre tags will be coming soon so sit tight. Enjoy! =)



EWF Heavyweight Championship: 1 on 1
Paintsta VS. Kevin

EWF Intercontinental Championship: 1 on 1
Robert VS. Chad Gray

EWF Womens Championship: 5 Women Battle Royal
Fire VS. Nat VS. Jin VS. Lahela VS. Kay

EWF Tag Team Champion: 2 on 2
Enigma & Majin VS. J-Mazing & Crisscross

Paintsta's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Paintsta

Nickname: Baby Boy

Username: paintedbabyboy

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Height: 6'4

Weight: 230 pounds

Age: 21

Style: Face

Special Moves:
Paint-Sault (moon)
50 Spin (tornado ddt)
Thug Dawg (dudley dog)
Jiggy Kick (sweet chin music)
Baby Gun (stunner)

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: Juice

Stable: Restricted Thugs w/ Huice

Manager: None

Info: After starring in the movie "Cash Radors" this young athlete built a name for his self. He soon after appeard in various music videos and movies. He always had a passion for wreslting, being a fan as a child. He went to WWE Tough Enough and won a championship. From being backstage of WWE rings he decided to leave and start his own business. Here in NCW he is the Chairman and a fine competitor.

Career Highlights:
WWE Raw Reproter
WWE Smackdown Reporter
WWE Tough Enough Winner
RCW Eclipse Superstar
NCW Chairman
Starred in movie "Cash Radors"
Appeard in many Reggae video's with Beenie, Elephant, etc.
Appeard in video "Bad Chick" with Trina and Webbie
Appeard in video "Lean Back" with Fat Joe
Has been on Much Music
Has been interviewed by BET 106 & Park

Entrance Music: "Outta Control" By: 50 cent

Majin's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Majin

Nickname: The Animal

Username: majin_joel190

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 295 pounds

Age: 25

Style: Heel

Special Moves:
Swinging Sidewalk Slam
Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: Enigma

Stable:: New Age Outlaws w/ Enigma & Kay

Manager: Kay

Info: Only one word can describe this up and coming superstar, Untouchable. Trained by Brock Lesnar, Majin has adopted his mentor's name and has made his own legacy.

Career Highlights:
EWA Canadian Champion
EWA Crusierweight Champion
VWF Intercontinental Champion
VWF Tag Team Champion
VWF Hardcore Champion
AWE Intercontinental Champion
AWE Tag Team Champion
AWE World Heavy Weight Champion
ECW Tag Team Champion
AWA International Champion
WWE X-Treme Champion

Entrance Music: "St.Anger" by: Metallica

Robert's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Robert Romulo

Nickname: The Asian Assassin

Username: mysteriofan619757

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Height: 7'2

Weight: 317 pounds

Age: 20

Style: Heel

Special Moves:
Filipino Bomb (Powerbomb into X-Factor)
Filipino Slam (Suplex into Chokeslam)

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: None

Stable: None

Manager: None

Info: Robert Romulo was born in Manilla, Philippines on June 7, 1977. Soon after his birth, his parents decided to move to so were his fellow classmates. There, he got the nickname "The Asain Assassin". And Romulo took that with him wherever he went. Romulo constantly tried to get into a company. He has been in a couple of companies, but none of them were right for him. He was waiting for the primetime, the big leagues. And now he may have found what he was looking for. Romulo has been signed with the NCW. And will fufill his dream to become a champion. And he won't let anything, and anyone, get in his way.

Career Highlights:
NCW Toughweight Champion

Entrance Music: "Lupang Hinirang" Philippine National Anthem

Crisscross's BIO //

Wrestler Name: Crisscross

Nickname: Ace

Username: chr151992

Hometown: Montclair, California

Height: 6'5

Weight: 250 pounds

Age: 21

Style: Face

Special Moves:
Sit Down Super Slam
Canadian Destroyer
The Crisscross

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: J-Mazing

Stable: None

Manager: None

Info: N/A

Career Highlights: N/A

Entrance Music: "Batista" Theme Song

Enigma's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Enigma

Nickname: The Iceman

Username: undertaker_71489

Hometown: New York City, New York

Height: 6'4

Weight: 260 pounds

Age: 24

Style: Heel

Special Moves:
Sub Zero (Sit down Powerbomb)
Death Sentence (F5)

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: Majin

Stable: New Age Outlaws w/ Majin & Kay

Manager: Kay

Info: Only one word can describe this up and coming superstar, Unstoppable. Trained by the legendary Jeff Hardy, Enigma,also known as The Ϣm, has adopted his mentor's name and has made his own legacy. He's part of the Unstoppable Destruction, along with Tag Team Partner Majin , Enigma has nothing but the most promising future ahead of him, and only few would disagree.

Career Highlights:
RCW Alliance Leader
RCW Alliance Council Member
ECW Champion
NCW Agent
#1 Contender for EWA Tag Team Championship w/Majin
AWA Xplosion Heavyweight Champion
WWE Misery Heavyweight Champion

Entrance Music: "Enter Sandman" by: Metallica

J-Mazing's BIO //

Wreslter Name: J-Mazing

Nickname: Amazing

Username: greenday_100

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Height: 5'10

Weight: 202 pounds

Age: 21

Style: Heel

Special Moves:
Reverse Heal Kick
1080 Splash Tornado DDT

Division: Cruiserweight

Tag Partner: Crisscross

Stable: None

Manager: None

Info: Well there are only 2 words for this superstar and they are Dare Devil.

Career Highlights:

Entrance Music: "Victory" by: Puff Daddy

Fire's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Fire

Nickname: None

Username: fire_ruler26

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Height: 5'8

Weight: ??? pounds

Age: 22

Style: Heel

Special Moves:
Whisper In The Wind
Eye Of The Hurricane

Division: Womens

Tag Partner: None

Stable: None

Manager: None

Info: At just the age of 18 she became a wrestling diva. She joined because of her undyig passion for the sport defying her parents as she did so. She was trained by Jeff Hardy and his friend shane helmes and shannon moore.

Career Highlights:
RCW Tagteam Champion (2)
AWA Tagteam Champion
Explosion Television Champion
Malice Tagteam Champion
NCW Divas Champion

Entrance Music: "You Think You Know Me"

Nat's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Nat

Nickname: The Therapist

Username: _wwf_wwe_

Hometown: LA, Cali

Height: 5'4

Weight: ??? pounds

Age: 19

Style: Face

Special Moves:
Skater(leg drop to neck)
Ollie(top rope, stomp on opponent)

Division: Womens

Tag Partner: None

Stable: None

Manager: None

Info: This girl was one of the first leading ladies of the wwe guilds. Starting out in wwe velocity to wwe rattitude to wwe: where it all begins again to rcw alliance she is prety active and is well liked(i hope)

Career Highlights:
Was in Rattitude
Former guild Leader of WWE Rattitude
RCW Diva
NCW Secretary
NCW Ring Announcer

Entrance Music: "Im Money" by: Zebrahead

Juice's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Juice

Nickname: N/A

Username: redjfmsox

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Height: 6'6

Weight: 220 pounds

Age: 22

Style: Face

Special Moves:
Git Krunk ("The Iron Claw")
The Eliminator (Rock Bottom)
NWO lock (Figure Four)

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: Paintsta

Stable: Restricted Thugs w/ Paintsta

Manager: None

Info: This wrestler is unbeatable! With his uncanny ability to calm others into submission with his nWo leglock and he also has a little bit of power moves such as the Eliminator.

Career Highlights:
WWE Ruthless Aggression Leader
NCW Image Rep
Graphic Master!

Entrance Music: "Git Krunk" by: Ying Yang Twins

Kevin's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Kevin O'Reilly

Nickname: Perfection

Username: johncena_ucantseeme

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Height: 6'3

Weight: 275 pounds

Age: 28

Style: Neutural

Special Moves:
Snapshot (Sitout Powerbomb)
Mirror Image (Swinging Full Nelson Hold)

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: None

Stable: None

Manager: None

Info: At the age of 15 he realized that he was a Perfect Human being. He had no flaws in his body all the girls wanted him. So when he was 16 he got into working out non stop. That was all he did. He put on the muscle like it was nothing. He had perfect Genetics and by the time he was 18 he made it to the big leagues. He wrestled for the WWE. Before realizing there was a bigger Federation out there. So he asked for his release from the company. They offered him more money he still turned it down. So finally he made it to the EAW, one of the biggest federations in the world. He will make a huge impact on his debut. And he guarentees that.

Career Highlights:
None Yet

Entrance Music: "Lets Go" by: Trick Daddy

Kay's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Kay

Nickname: None

Username: devilish_angel15

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Height: 5'5

Weight: ??? pounds

Age: 20

Style: Heel

Special Moves:
Shooting Star Press
416 (619)

Division: Womens

Tag Partner: None

Stable: New Age Outlaws w/ Enigma & Majin

Managers: Enigma & Majin

Info: N/A

Career Highlights: N/A

Entrance Music: Cherry Pie- Poison

Jin's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Jin

Nickname: T xtrm

Username: Jindraksgirl

Hometown: Cleveland Ohio

Height: 57

Weight: ??? pounds

Age: 23

Style: Face

Special Moves:
The 811 (Twist of Faith)
The Swanton Bomb Division: Womens

Tag Partner/Stable: N/A

Manager: N/A

Info: Jin has been in two of the top wrestling federations, WWE, and RCW, she made her way in the RCW with her old stable Team Xtreme and then in WWE with Chaos with her brother Jagged, but now she is on her own, can she make it or will she fall victim to the authority?

Career Highlights:

RCW Survivor Champion (Season 2)
RCW Alliance General Manager
RCW Alliance Commissioner
RCW Alliance Chairwomen
AWA Light Heavyweight Champion
WWE Commissioner
2 Time WWE Jezabell Champion

Entrance Music: N/A

Last Resort's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Last Resort

Nickname: HFM

Username: the_deadman619

Hometown: Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

Height: 6'0

Weight: 230 pounds

Age: 21

Style: Neutral

Special Moves:
Jack Hammer
Five Nuckle Shuffle

Division: Heavyweight

Tag Partner: N/A

Stable: N/A

Manager: N/A

Info: N/A

Career Highlights:
WWR World Champion (7)
WWR Hardcore Champion (4)
WWR Tag Team Champion (1)

Entrance Music: "Last Resort" By: Papa Roach

Chad Gray's BIO //

Wreslter Name: Chad Gray
Nickname: Vater

Username: inovaterofviolence

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Height: 5'9

Weight: 269 pounds

Age: 21

Style: Neutral

Special Moves:
Dig (Chokeslam)
Severed (randy orton's back/neck breaker)
World So Cold (Spinebuster w/ authority)
I.D.I.O.T (Dreamer DDT)

Division: Cruiserweight

Tag Partner: N/A

Stable: N/A

Manager: N/A

Info: Kind of a loner, but not objective to others making an attempt to get to know him, Inovater had a long stay in the EWA(WWE Alliance), and had plenty of memerable matches w/ the likes of Spike, Hawk, Neo(petboy), and Majin, the few people in the locker room he's comfortable approaching, and also Zip(starshuriken). Inovater enjoys to sit on his own, usually w/ a cd player going as he watches, and studies everyone. he's always ready for any challenge that comes his way, and never has w/ shutting someone up, no matter what tool he needs to do it.

Career Highlights:
EWA Tag Champ (3)
Hardcore Multi-Time Intercontinental

Entrance Music: "Determined" By: Mudvayne

Lahela's BIO //

Wrestler Name: Lahela

Username: roob1312

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Height: 5'5

Weight: ??? pounds

Age: 21

Style: Face

Lita DDT

Division: Womens

Tag Partner: N/A

Stable: N/A

Manager: N/A

Biography: N/A

Past Accomplishment: N/A

Entrance Music: "Hanging By A Moment" By: Lifehouse

Shannon BIO //

Wreslter Name: Shannon

Nickname: Star

Username: starshuriken

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey

Height: 5'2.5

Weight: ??? pounds

Age: 18

Style: Face

Special Moves:
Woman's Style Chokeslam

Division: Womens

Tag Partner: N/A

Stable: N/A

Managers: N/A

Info: I guess I'll give you my outfit info here. Anything Trish or Lita style is fine. Especially Trish's little gangster looking outfit with the pinstripes and the tie and the fedora hat. So awesome.

Career Highlights:

Unknown Woman's Champion
Unknown Tag Team Champion
Unknown Hardcore Champion

Entrance Music: "Stand Up" By: Ludacris

Massacre Show #1 //

EWF Massacre

Debut Show

At Toronto, Ontario, Canada, standing in the middle of the fresh, EWF Massacre ring stood Paintsta.......

Paintsta: Welcome to EWF Massacre!!! (crowd roars). My name is Paintsta and Im the Chairman of this e-fed. I was also bored and raised here yall! I live hurr to! Anyways, we have a whole heap of excitment just for you! Get ready for some action! All our titles are up for grabs. Powerful, Talented, Decorated, Daring, Flying, Hot, we got it all! And get ready to see all of it tonight!! The only thing you wont see here is a dissapointed audience member! Now sit tight and et ready to fly off your seats!!!!

EWF Intercontinental Championship Match:

Shannon: On the way to the ring, weighing in at 317 pounds, all the way from Manila, Philippines, Robert Romulo!!!

Shannon: And his opponent. Weighing in at 269 pounds, from Syracuse, NY, Chad Gray!!!

Ref: Ready?


Robert VS. Chad: Robert immidiatley wastes no time running and giving Chad Gray a huge clothesline. Chad falls to the floor hitting his head hard on the ring floor. Robert then kicks Chad fiercly in his stomach. Robert Romulo then goes mounted on Chad Gray and starts punchin him using both hands. The Ref then struggly pulls Robert off of Chad. Chad slowly gets up and is knocked back down by Robert. Robert waits until Chad gets up and then puches him, Robert goes for another punch but it is blocked and Chad Gray punches Robert straight in his face, Chad then lands a beautiful Suplex on Robert. Robert Romulo gets up and fire's a kick into Gray's mid section. Romulo then taunts and runs to be bounced back by the ropes, Romulo goes for a Neckbreaker but Gray dodges and kicks Chad down to the floor. Chad then rabs Romulo by the hair and tosses him outside the ring. Chad Gray taunts and then goes outside the ring to only recieve kick straight in the mouth. Robet gets back in the ring hoping for Gray to get a count out, the Ref counts....

Ref: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, eigh...

Robert VS. Chad Chad Gray slowly slides back into the ring as Robert kicks him while on the floor. Robert then gets a Crab Lock on Chad. Chad screams with agony, and Robert immidiatly releases. Robert Romulo grabs Chad Gray by the hair, pulls him up to his feet and lands his special, the Filipino Slam. Robert goes for the cover....

Ref: 1! 2! 3!!!

Shannon: The winner of this match and the first ever Intercontinental Champion, Robert Romulo!!!

Crowd: The crowd jumps off there seats in excitement, but boo Robert when he hold up his championship.

Backstage in Hallways:

New Age Outlaws are walking down the hall. But they spot Lahela drinking some water from the fountain....

Enigma: (walking with nao). So what do you think we should do after we win out Tag Team titles?

Majin: I dont know, pick on the losers?

Kay: (nao laugh together). Wait a minue guys, I have some business to take care of. (enigma and majin stand off to the side as kay approched the drinking lahela).

Kay: (tapped lahela on the shoulder). Hey *bleep*, move! I want some water.

Lahela: No, wait until Im done.

Kay: Listen *bleep* I said I want some *bleepin* water! (kay pushes lahela).

Lahela: Who the *bleep* you callin' *bleep* girl??? (as she pushes kay back).

Kay: Did you just push me??? I SAID!!! Did you just PUSH me!!!?? (as she gets face to face with the beauty, lahela).

Lahela: Are you retarted or something I just pushed you like 2 seconds ago. By the way back up off me, your breath stinks.

Kay: WHAT!!!!??

Lahela: What the *bleep* are you saying "what" for? I just said your breath stinks back up off me. First your retarted now your deaf, girl please.

Kay: (slaps lahela in her face hard!!!).

Lahela: (lahela slaps kay back!!!). (they begin to fight!!!).

Backstage Cat Fight: Kay slaps Lahela again, Lahela slaps Kay back for the second time. Kay grabs Lahela's shirt and starts to pull and punch. Lahe grabs Kay's hair and throws her down! Kay pulls Lahela to the floor with her. They both start rolling, slapping, punching, and head pounding.

Enigma: (majin and enigma still standing there throgh all this). Do you think we should do something?

Majin: I ono, do you? How about we enjoy the fight.

Enigma: But what if out darling Key gets hurt?

Majin: Nahh, she can handle herself yo look.

Backstage Cat Fight: Kay is on top of Lahela ounding her head into the floor like a masive boulder or something. Lahela then manages to shift momentum by kicking Kay ober her head in a type of roll. Lahela gets up and grabs Kay by the hair, Kay slaps Lahe, Lahela gives a Full Swinging Punch straight into Kay's right cheek!!!

Enigma & Majin: OW!!! Poor Kay!

Paintsta: (walking down the same hallway notices the too divas snatching hair and slapping). HEY HEY HEY!! Stop this now! (paintsta holding lahela back as enigma & majin come for kay).

Kay: Your gunna pay *bleep*!!!

Lahela: Your a** is down!!!

Paintsta: Now, now ladies. This kind of anger is taken out in the ing not on these blood worthy floors. If this is how yall gonna act, den yall can do dat in da ring next week! As for you Kay, you have a match soon, so I suggest you get ready. And you Lahela? Your schedualed to interview Kevin O' Reilly on his Heavyweight Championship later tonight. And Enigma and Majin, I dont know what the hell you guys are doin cause your match is up next! (paintsta walks away as lahela comes with him).

EWF Tag Team Championships Match:

Shannon: This match will be for the EWF Tag Team Championships. Introducing first, at a combined weight of 452 pounds, the team of J-Mazing and Crisscross!!

Shannon: And introducing the opponents. Weighing in at a combined weight of 555 pounds, the New Age Outlaws!! (kay does not accompany her puppies to the ring). (kay remains backstgae watching the match on tv).

Ref: Fight!

Tag Match: Majin and J-Mazing start this one off. They both walk circles around the ring, getting closer and closer. They et an even grapple going, but J-Mazing takes the lead and does a quick Arm Drag, Majin gets up rapidly and Mazing does another Arm Drag. Majin gets up again. They get another even grapple going, J-Mazing takes the power again, landing a quick Reverse Huracanarana. Majin quickly tags in Enigma. Enigma gets a grapple in and then spins Mazing around locking in a Stand Up Sleeper Hold. J-Mazing starts to fade. But he gets the momentum and elbows Enigma in the stomach. Mazing runs aginst the ropes and swings back landing an amazing Tornado DDT. Mazing then tiredly walks over and tags Crisscross. Crisscross grabs Enigma and throws him towards the opes. Crisscross stands on the second rope above Enigma and does a 10 Punch.

Crowd: 1, 2, 3, 4, fi.....

Tag Match: Enigma grabs Crisscross runs and does a powerful Spinebuster. Enigma tags Majin. Majin then wastes no time. He gets a Rear Necked Choke held on Crisscross. Crisscross struggles to get out but he cant manage. Crisscross starts to fade. But he comes back and starts shaking his hand about!! Majin tightens is hold and Criss begins to fade again. Crisscross's face starts to turn blue as he managed to stretch his leg out to the ropes. Majin waits until Crisscross gets up, Majin throws Crisscross out of the ring waiting for 10 counts to pass.

Ref: (he goes to the edge and counts to 10). 1, 2, 3.......(but what he doesnt realize is that Enigma is taking off the protective padding on the turnbuckle). 4, 5....

Tag Match: Enigma goes and tags Majin after he lands a DDT on Crisscross. Majin then throws Crisscross to the un padded turnbuckle. Majin bangs Crisscross's head onto the un padded turnbuckle not once, not twice, but 3 times!!! Crisscross is now bleeding rapidly from his head. J-Mazing tries to get into the ring, but the Ref doesnt let him. In the meantime Enigma chokes Crisscross while Majin punches. The Ref comes and stops Enigma, Enigma tries to play it off. The blood is just gushing out of Crisscross's head, hes losing too much. Majin puts Crisscross in a Rear Neck Choke again. Crisscross is fading. The Ref holds Crisscross's hand up, Crisscrosses hand drops. The Ref does this again 3 more times, and Crisscross's hand drops. The Ref does this for the final time and Crisscross's hand dropped lifelessly.

Ref: Ring the bell!!!!!!

Shannon: (enigma and majin hug there new titles) The winners of this match and new.........

Paintsta: (paintsta's theme music plays as he walks towards the ring). (he takes the mic from the diva shannon, and speaks). This match is not over yet playa's. (paintsta walks over and snatches the titles away from enigma and majin). Its a real bad thing that Crisscross cant continue, but OH! Dont worry, J-Mazing will!!! (enigma and majin were in shock!). (j-mazing seemed happy about the chairmans words). ~ding-ding-diing-ding-ding~

Ref: Lets get it on!

Tag Match: It starts off for the second time with Enigma and J-Mazing. They both run after each other immidiatley. K-Mazing being a Cruiserweight, had some advantage in speed. J-Mazing ran and slid through Enigma's legs, he then tripped Enigma with his legs. Enigma fell to the floor, but got up briskly. J-Mazing then swang Enigma to the ropes and when Enigma came back, Mazing did a wonderful 1080 Splash Tornado DDT, his special move. Enigma then layed floored on the ring. J-Mazing goes for the cover....

Ref: 1! 2!....

Tag Match: Enigma managed to kick out!

Crowd: Booooooo!!

Tag Match: Mazing was shocked that Enigma kicked out. Mazing cornered the Ref complaining about a 3 count. In the meanwhile Enigma tagged Majin. Majin came running and he did a Reverse Neckbreaker on the un looking J-Mazing. J-Mazing fell to the floor, Majin waited paitiently for J-Mazing to get up, But unfortunatley when Mazing got up, Majin was able to land his special move, the Swinging Sidewalk Slam. Majin went for a pin......

Ref: 1!!! 2!!! thr...... Crowd: OOHHHH!! (as in shock that mazing was able to kick out). (they then started cheering loudly for mazing).

Tag Match: Majin in awe that Mazing kicked out as well, he went and he tagged Enigma. Enigma grabbed J-Mazing by the hair and said. "This is gunna be easy!". Enigma then easily landed his special move Sub Zero. Enigma went for the cover.......

Ref: 1! 2! 3!

Shannon: Pinfall!!! The winners of this match and the new EWF Tag Team Champions, Enigma and Majin!!!!!!

Crowd: The crowd boo's harshly.

Backstage in Paintsta's Office:

Paintsta was on his cell phone......

Paintsta: Sure playa!! I just got your contract and I will be signing it in a minute. See you next week dawg. Later!!

Kevin O' Reilly barges into Paintsta's office......

Paintsta: Oh hey playa, what can I do for you??

Kevin: The main event of the night, is me vs you. If this doesnt go well Im gunna get mad real mad! If I dont win, your gunna become my first public enemey.

Paintsta: Those are some strong words you got directed to your General Manager, and Chairman of this business. Hmm, how about this.....You and me? Were not enemy's dawg. This match is for the people, not us. And if you EVER, barge into my office while Im on the phone again, you can expect trouble.

Kevin: Psh!!! (walks out of paintsta's office).

Paintsta's cell phone rings again.....

Paintsta: Yo, 50 cent! Was happenin??!!

Backstage in the Divas Lounge:

Nat was getting ready to go to the ring....

Lahela: (walks up to nat). Hey girl, whats up?

Nat: Nothing much just getting ready to entrance on the sparkling clean runway of Massacre.

Lahela: Oh. Remember ow I told about me and Kay? How we fought?

Nat: So what are you saying?

Lahela: Well Kay's puppies Enigma and Majin just won the tag titles, so that means Kay is unna try extra hard to win the Womens title belt, I over heard her talking with her beauty's and she said she wants their stable to be gold with 3 champs.

Nat: Umm ok........

Lahela: Lets make a deal. No matter what, Kay doesnt win this match.

Nat: Ok, I guess. Deal.

Backstage in the Hallways:

Robert Romulo is walking when he spots Fire going to the ring....

Robert: (walks up to Fire). Hey sexie, whacha doin?

Fire: Oh nothing just going to the ring, my match is up next. Now get out of my face!!!

Robert: (as fire walks away, he grabs her hand). Now you know you cant talk toy our future man like tat honey...

Fire: (fire turns around and stands face to face with robert). Listen, and get in straight. You dont EVER touch me again you hear? And as far as you being my man? Please get out of my way cause I have some *bleeps* to beat up for my championship. Good bye!

Womens Championship Match:

Shanonn: The following match up is for the EWF Womens Championship!! The rules for this matcha are simple. Each diva will be in the ring at the same time. Once a diva is pinned she must get out of the ring and stand at the side, its a Pin Elimination Match. Introducing first from Montreal, Quebec, FIRE!!!

Sannnon: And from the dirty south of Canada, from Toronto, KAY!!!

Shannon: An introducing from LA, California, NAT!!!

Shannon: An introducing last, there opponent, from the sun drenched island, from, Honolulu, Hawaii, LAHELA!!!

Ref: Ready ladies?

Ref: FIGHT!!

5 Way: Things start off as if there are 2, one on one matches going on. Fire and Nat are punching alternatley. While Kay spears Lahela all the way out of the ring. Lahela and Kay roll around, pounding heads, slapping, and punching just like there Cat Fight earlier. In the ring Nat gives Fire a Suplex, Nat then waits for Fire to get up. Lahela and Nat are really going at it, screaming, slapping, poundingm its a like a whirlwind of diva madness!! Fire gets up and slaps Nat. Nat doesnt take the slap for an answer. Nat immidiatley kicks Fire in her stomach and goes for a DDT. Fire reverses it with a punch to the gut. Fire then throws Nat to the turnbuckle. Outside the divas finally stopped brawling. But there was Kay, taking Lahela's head and smaching it into the steel steps. Fire then approaches Nat and does a complexing Monkey Flip. Nat flies to the oter end of the ring, being flipped by Fire. Kay is just stomping on Lahela with her boots, Lahela gets up and then takes Kay's head and bashes it into the barracade. Kay falls to the floor and lahe goes down, she getting real dirty. Lahe grabs Kay's head and pounds it into the round so ferociously, Lahela then pulls Kay's shirt clean off!!! Lahela threw Kay's ripped up shirt a side.

Crowd: The crowd starts to cheer after Kay's shirt pulled off. Lahela! Lahela! Lahela! Lahela! Lahela!

5 Way: Meanwhile: Nat gets up and Fire does another wonderful move, Fire throws Nat to the ropes, Nat comes swinging back but she gets Back Fliped but Fire. Lahela comes back into the ring and hopes that the Refferee counts out Kay. Lahela stands to the side and taunts the fans. Nat gets up and does a Powerbomb on Fire. It had so much impact!!! Nat goes for the cover.....

Ref: 1, 2!...

5 Wayy: Lahela runs and quickly pulls Nat right off of Fire, breaking the 3 count. Nat and Lahela stand arguing in the middle of the ring while Fire is down. Out of no where Kay comes flying off the top rope hitting Lahela with a High Flying Drop Kick. Nat and Kay have a stare down while Fire and Lahela recover from the floor.

Shannon: (shannon was sitting on a chair beside a camera man). Wait a minute!!!?? We are missing one person in this match, we are missing JIN!!

Camera Man: Your right now thats gunna screw up our show cause we listed this as a 5 Women Battle Royal.

Shannon: Im not gunna let the show be ruined just cause of one girl, Im goign to find Jin!!! (shannon runs backstage and goes to look for Jin).

5 Way: The match continues. Fire gets up and sneaks behind Nat and goes for a School Boy roll up.....

Ref: 1! 2!...

5 Way: Nat kicks out and gets to her feet, Nat and Fire are grappling each other with even strength. Fire overcomes Nat's power and does a Flip German Suplex on Nat. In the meantime Lahela lies hurt on the floor. Kay is on the top rope for the second time!! Kay goes for a Shooting Star Press!! She lands it!!! Kay quickly covers Lahela. But has her feet on the ropes for leverage.....

Ref: (the ref doesnt notice Kay's cheating move and he counts). 1!! 2!! 3!!

Shannon: (shannon is walking back to the ring with a mic in her hand, side by side with jin). Lahela! Has been eliminated!!! And please welcome JIN!!!

5 Way: Jin runs to the ring to join her match. Jin and Kay start off. Jin runs and gives Kay and Dropkick. Jin then goes on the ropes and taunts. Nat gets up and does a Full Swinging Slap which knocks Fire down. Nat then goes and does a Figure 4 Leg Lock. Kay gets up and Jin throws her against the ropes, Kay comes running back, and Jin lands a Flap Jack! Fire is still struggling with Nat's Figure hold. Fire trying to gain momentum but te crowd doesnt go with her. Instead....

Crowd: Nat! Nat! Nat! Nat! Nat! Nat! Nat! Nat!

5 Way: Nat gains confidence and tightens her lock!!! Fire not having anything to do still struggles and screams. On the other hand. Kay gets up and slaps Jin in the face. Jin stands still and says....

Jin: Oh HELL no!!! I know this *bleep* did not just slap me in my face!

5 Way: Jin gets mad and throws multiple punches into Kay's face. Jin then goes for the 811, and she lands it!!! The Extreme Jin goes for the cover on Kay....

Ref: 1!! 2! 3!!!

Shannon: Kay ahs been eliminated!!!

5 Way: It now lies in the hands of Jin, Nat and Fire. Jin stands to the side taunting the crowd and watcing Nat hold Fire. Its been a real long time and Fire was still in that Figure hold!!! Fire is about to tap! But she doesnt, she tries to reverse the Figure 4 but Nat was just holding it to tight. Fire has no choice but to tap out....

Shannon: Fire has been eliminated!!!! We are now down to the final two competitors!!

5Way: Nat and Jin go eye to eye. They are in a friendly stare down, but its fierce.

Crowd: Cheers quite loudly!!! YAY!!! You here an alternete cheering. Nat!! Nat!! Jin!! Jin!! Nat!! Nat!! Jin!! Jin!!

5 Way:The two remaining participants grapple each other. Jin gets the edge and gives Nat a Neckbreaker. Jin grabs Nat up and throws her to the turnbucle. Jin then stretches her long leg and chokes Nat. Nat was up in the air being held up by Jins foot!!! Jin lets go, she then chokes Nat with her leg again! Jin let go. Nat pushed Jin down onto the floor then holds her neck in pain. Jin then takes the push offensive and pushes Nat back into the turnbuckle, Nat then pulls Jin by her hair dragging her to the floor, Jin gets up and punches Nat with an eye popping blow. Nat holds her cheek and and frowns at Jin. Jin kicks Nat in her stomach and kicks her again! Jin then lands her special 811 again!!! Jin goes for the cover...

Ref: 1! 2! thre....

5 Way: It was soooo close! All she need was a mili second to pull it off!! Jin then kicks Nat one time while Nat's on the floor. Jin the walks up to the ropes and climbs to the top. She gets to the top and raises her arms in a diva-ish way.

Crowd: They ROAR with excitement!!!!!

Shannon: (sitting at the side with the camera man again). Closes her eyes and tells the camera man that she doesnt wanna look.

5 Way: Jin throws herself off the top rope!!! Nat rolls away!!! Jin lands on the floor!!! Nat brings then goes for her special move the Skater!! She lands it!!! Nat goes for the cover!!!

Ref: 1! 2!! 3!!!

Shannon: Jin has been eliminated!!! And your new first ever EWF Womens Champion is NAT!!!

Crowd: The crowd screams, roars, yells, cheers with excitement!!! It was obvious that they were very well pleased with that match


Lahela is recovered, freshed up, and hot!!........She waits for Kevin to atend his interview.........

Lahela: (she spots kevin and goes to him). So Kevin what are your thoughts on tonights main event which is You vs. The Chairman???

Kevin: What are my thoughts? I'll tell you what my thoughts are!!! My thoughts are that Im gunna win and Paintsta is going down!!!

Lahela: But how can you say that? You've never wreslted him, you dont know his style, and its your first time wreslting in a EWF ring.

Kevin: Listen chick, it doesnt matter who I fight, I always get the job done. And whether it be an RCW ring, or a EWF ring, or any ring, you better no dam straight that Kevin is the guy.

Lahela: Hmm, "The Guy" is that your new gimmick or something??

Kevin: NO!! You know what? This is a stupid waste of my time, I dont need some little *bleep* to interview me on a little match like my one coming up. Bye fool.

EWF Heavyweight Championship Match

Shannon: The following contest is scedualed for one fall and is for the EWF Heavyweight Championship!!! Introducing first from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 275 pounds, Kevin O'Reilly!!!

Shannon: And introducing his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In his hometown now!!! The Chairman of the EWF!!! PAINTSTA!!! (babyboy)

Ref: Ready? FIGHT!

Kevin VS. Paintsta: They are both in the ring, Paintsta turns away to taunt with the fans and warm up. Kevin rushes over and knocks Paintsta down with a rushing Hammer Fist!!! Kevin quickly starts kicking Paintsta rapidly on the floor. There is just no way Paintsta can get up with Kevin firering those kinda kicks. But Kevn stops kicking. Paintsta then gets up and punches Kevin 3 times fast, Paintsta then kicks Kevin in his stomach twice. Then Paintsta lands a DDT!! A perfect one too!! Paintsta tthen goes for a very quick cover.....

Ref: 1!...

Kevin VS. Paintsta: Kevin kicks out toughly and very fast. They then stare each other down!!! Paintsta gets a strong grapple on Kevin, Paintsta lands a Twist Suplex. Paintsta waits for Kevin to get up. When Kevin hets up he is knocked down with a Clothesline by Paintsta. Kevin gets up again, another Clothesline!! When Kevin gets up for the third time, Paintsta goes for his third Clothesline but he missess, Kevin then gives Paintsta a kick in the back, Painsta falls holding his back. Kevin gets a Camel Clutch locked in on Paintsta. Paintsta tries to break loose but he cant. Luckily Kevin decided to let go, but then Kevin kicks the Chairman twice. Paintsta gets up and he fires a pucnh at at Kevin, and then a kick the the mid-section. Kevin then seems mad and slaps the Chairman in his face sooo hard!!! Paintsta then gets furious and extreamly mad!!! Paintsta slaps Kevin right back but this time twice as hard as Kevin did. Paintsta then doesnt wasre any time. He knees Kevin in the mid-section and then throws Kevin against the ropes. The Chairman runs aginst the opposite ropse, when they were about to collide Paintsta landed a perfect 50 Spin! His special. Paintsta brings Kevin back up and punchs him in the face. And thenm he punches him again, but this time blood flew from Kevin's mouth. Kevin touched the blood on his mouth and ran at full speed to go and spear Paintsta!! But Paintsta quickly moved out of the way and kevin went shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle!! Paintsta brings Kevin out of the steel turnbuckle and gives him a sweet Fireman's Slam. Paintsta goes for the cover again............

Ref: 1, 2!...

Kevin VS. Paintsta: Kevin kicks out. Paintsta then stand in the corner of the turnbuckle waiting for Kevin to make his move. Instead Kevin goes to the opposite corner and removes the padding off the turnbuckle. Paintsta stood at ringside just watching Kevin's actions. The Chairman turned for a quick second to taunt the fans, but at the same quick second Kevin came running and Paintsta got pushed to the outsie floor!!! He injured his back badly!! The Ref was busy trying to fix the padding on the turnbuckle. Not realizing that Kevin was grabbing a steal chair........Kevin took the steel chair and KNOCKED the Chairman down clean!! Kevin throws the steel chair to the side and then rolls Paintsta back into the ring, Kevin pulls the Chairman up off the floor and then lands his special Snapshot! Kevin goes for the cover.....

Ref: The Refferee doesnt notice that Kevin was pinning cause he was fixing the turnbuckle, but Kevin shouted at him. The Ref then came and gave it a 1!! 2!!! 3!!!!

Shannon: The winner of this match and the new first ever EWF Heavyweight, Kevin O'Reilly!!!!!!

Crowd: BBBOOOOOOO!!!!!

Backstage in the Divas Lounge:

Shannon and Jin were sitting down and drinking some Martini......

Shannon: So Jin.....Where were you? I mean like how come you were late from your match? I mean like I went to look for you and you were running to the ring.

Jin: Well the reason I was running to the ring was cause I was late and I didnt wanna miss too much. But the reason I was late was cause I had a meeting with Paintsta the Chairman.

Shannon: What was the meeting about?

Jin: Oh some stuff, EWF related though. Its to do with Massacre he kinda needs my help

Shannon: 0o0o0o0o0!!! Jin and Paintsta wow weee!!

Jin: No, no, no Shannon. It wasnt anything like that I swear. It was strictly business, and you guys will see it next week.

Shannon: I know Im just joking with you (they laugh).

Jin: I cant believe I didnt win the Womens Championship match!!! I was so close! But Nat deserved it, at least it go to someone like evil Kay (they laugh again).

Shannon: You sure got that right Jin! Oh ya, Paintsta asked me if I wanted to be in the match. He also said that it would be better for me to continue as the ing anouncer. I think he was right cause I cant even match anything clsoe to what you talented divas were doing in the ring. Maybe I will be in a small match, but he said Im still a diva none the less.

Jin: Im glad, and Im pround of you too Shannon. I mean like your so young your only 18, I think you need a life outside of your career, you have a lot coming! Im actually surprised that you were hired, no offense. Its just that usually we get sueprstars and divas tat are at a legel age. But since the Chairman is young, I guess he re concidered (they laugh).

Shannon: Ya your right. Hes really awsome though I mean like hes one of us you know? Hes not like an old Chairman like Vince McMahon. He can relate to us and stuff like that.

Fire barges in all mad, she also has Robert following her......

Fire: (she stops at the door talking to robert). Leave me alone!!! Get out of my face loser!!! (she slams the divas lounge door on robert). UGH!!!

Shannon: Whoa, I think someone has a crush on youuuu.

Jin: Ugh! I hate those kinda guys, Fire just ignore him.

Fire: Excuse me? Who the hell do you think your talking to? Dont tell me what to do got it?

Jin: Whoa, sorry............attitude porblem, anyways......

Fire: Attitude problem? You really wanna start something huh Jin? Well guess what? I have no time for *bleeps* like you!

Jin: Listen here *bleep*, I dont know who your calling a *bleep* but you better get the *bleep* outta here and if you ever cross paths with me again?? Your looking at a feud of a life time! So you might as well go run to your lover boy Robert!

Fire: We will see about that Jin. (leave diva lounge).

Shannon: (still sitting with jin this whole time). Okay what was her problem? She needs help literally.

Jin: All I know is that if she wants some, she can come get some........

Backstage in New Age Outlaws locker room:

All three members of the New Age Outlaws sit down and talk.....

Kay: As the manager of the New Age Outlaws, I will suggest what I said earlier. All three of us need to have gold!! My Womens Championship match didnt go ast planed, but next week I have a better plan to win my title and it involves you guys. But thats next week.

Enigma: Good! Since we are tag team champs we have some repect in our history. And by the way what did the Chairman say about the match we requested next week??

Majin: What match?? (confuesed)

Enigma: Ugh! Your never keeping up Majin! Stay updated wake up!

Kay: Well that Paintsta dude said that he willl consider our tag match that we requested, he also said that it depends.

Majin: Depends on what???


Majin: Oh sorry. SO what are we gunna do now??

Enigma: I guess we will work on getting Kay the womens gold, and work on defending out tag titles cause I tink tere on the line next week.

Majin: And I ave a plan....

Kay: What is it??

Majin: If Kay gets a Championship match next week. Me and you could ambush her Nat!! How does that sound Enigma?

Enigma: Im so in dude.

Kay: Thank you guys. This is what the New Age Outlaws are all about!!

Thank you for tuning into Massacre. I hope you enjoyed the Premier show. Remember dont miss out on Massacre next week either!!

~ Your Chairman,

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