Mwah Ha Ha Ha!!!!! Ravage Me!!!!

RossofRampart: What have you been up to?

RossofRampart: Stewart Townsend was in that "Queen of the Damned" movie, right?

RossofRampart: Just hanging around

RossofRampart: Not too much


RossofRampart: Hahaha, he was a good looking guy.

Lollipop1886: I want his body.... he's my dream man. But only if he really had the hair.

RossofRampart: Definetly.

RossofRampart: Heh.

RossofRampart: How's your love life been?

Lollipop1886: I'm going to find a guy who looks like him someday. But with my taste in men, I might as well pick a girl.

Lollipop1886: It's been okay. I've been talking to my ex from way back when. But I don't think I'm really into us getting back together and such.

RossofRampart: Hahaha, really?

Lollipop1886: Yeah.

RossofRampart: Really?

Lollipop1886: But he's a blonde with muscles... not my type.:-P

RossofRampart: You think you're interested in him for sex?

RossofRampart: Hehe

Lollipop1886: Gee... everyone must think I'm a big ho now....

RossofRampart: : ) Hehehe

RossofRampart: I see.

RossofRampart: Sorry I haven't IMed you much lately

Lollipop1886: It's alright.

Lollipop1886: No big deal.

Lollipop1886: I've been busy.

Lollipop1886: But other than that, I haven't had anyone like you to bother me.:-P

RossofRampart: Nice!

RossofRampart: You might like this guy Lynn, here.

Lollipop1886: Hahaha.

Lollipop1886: I've heard about him...

Lollipop1886: I saw him in Deb one day.

RossofRampart: He has the Gothic fashion down, and has long black hair.

Lollipop1886: I didn't know who the hell he was until Jenna told me something about a Lynn character taking a trip to Deb.

RossofRampart: Ahhh

Lollipop1886: And I was there for it all...

Lollipop1886: He's pretty sexy.

RossofRampart: That's awesome.

RossofRampart: : )

RossofRampart: Yup!

RossofRampart: All the girls here want him/.

Lollipop1886: Are you serious?

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

RossofRampart: He's sexier than me.

RossofRampart: No doubt about it!

Lollipop1886: =-ODon't even go there!

RossofRampart: Hahaha.

RossofRampart: Wow, sounds like fun!

Lollipop1886: Does HIS hair smell like Thermasilk?

RossofRampart: : )

RossofRampart: Don't even go where?

RossofRampart: Hahaha.

RossofRampart: I don't believe so, hahaha

Lollipop1886: Don't start with the whole "This person is sexier than me." thing....

Lollipop1886: Because you know I'll disagree.

RossofRampart: I'm not sure, though

RossofRampart: Hahaha, I'm not THAT sexy

RossofRampart: It's been a while since you came down and hung out with me

Lollipop1886: Yeah, it has...

RossofRampart: Did you have fun?

Lollipop1886: You can bet on it.

RossofRampart: Really?

Lollipop1886: Would I lie to you?

RossofRampart: Do you remember all we did that day?

Lollipop1886: Like I could forget.:-P

RossofRampart: Hehehe, I just would like you to say it!

Lollipop1886: I think I know you too well....

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

Lollipop1886: ;-)I know what you're thinking when you start that.

RossofRampart: What do you mean?

Lollipop1886: Nothing, forget it.

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

RossofRampart: Well, what was your favorite thing we did?

Lollipop1886: I really liked when you were choking me with it.:-[

RossofRampart: Really?

RossofRampart: I loved that!

Lollipop1886: Yeah, I know you did.

RossofRampart: Your throat got all tight around the end!

RossofRampart: And your saliva just started to pour out of your mouth, since you were choking.

Lollipop1886: Okay, you try shoving a huge cock down your throat, and see how long you can do it!

RossofRampart: Hehehe...what was sucking on my balls like?

Lollipop1886: Since then, I've somewhat come to enjoy doing that...

RossofRampart: Really?

RossofRampart: What was it like?

Lollipop1886: I don't know how to explain it

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

RossofRampart: Have you done it alot since then?

Lollipop1886: No.

Lollipop1886: Only once.

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

RossofRampart: Did you like my smacking my cock against your face?

Lollipop1886: Yeah.

RossofRampart: What was it like?

RossofRampart: : )

Lollipop1886: It hurt a little, but in a good way.

RossofRampart: Really?

RossofRampart: What was it like when I cummed?

Lollipop1886: I almost enjoyed it too much.

RossofRampart: Really?

Lollipop1886: Yes.

RossofRampart: I shoved it from side to side.

Lollipop1886: Hahaha.

RossofRampart: Do you still like my cock?

Lollipop1886: Do you want the truth?

RossofRampart: Yes!

Lollipop1886: Or do you want me to lie?

RossofRampart: I don't care if you didn't like it.

Lollipop1886: So you want the truth?

RossofRampart: Just tell me the absolute truth

RossofRampart: Yes

Lollipop1886: Yes

Lollipop1886: That answer your question?

RossofRampart: Yes!!

Lollipop1886: Good.

RossofRampart: Awww, that's so sweet of you to say.

Lollipop1886: It's only the truth.

RossofRampart: I think we could arrange another meeting sometime.

Lollipop1886: Oh really?

RossofRampart: Yup!

RossofRampart: But only if I get to bust my load on your face this time!

Lollipop1886: Hmm... I have SUCH a busy schedule... Don't think I have enough time for your dick....

Lollipop1886: JK

RossofRampart: I still don't know how you lived through my cock ravaging your throat!

Lollipop1886: Neither do I.

RossofRampart: I could actually feel it ramming the back of your throat!

Lollipop1886: So could I.

Lollipop1886: Hehehe.

RossofRampart: I was thinking about you giving me head today.

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

RossofRampart: You have a nice ass.

RossofRampart: I would like to cum on it.

Lollipop1886: Hahaha.

Lollipop1886: Really?

RossofRampart: Yes! Would you mind that?

Lollipop1886: Not at all...

RossofRampart: Hehehe.

Screw You Rampart!!!!! Hey Ross, Any 13 Year Old Girls???

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