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Ramshackle Studios- the home of Orange Industry
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Camera- Fresno's rockinist' band! free downloads on their site

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The story of Orange Industry-

Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to my site; it ainít much, but donít worry, thereíll be more later; as this site (and even the label itself) is still under construction.

Please remember to come back frequently! If you have any questions email them to

Recent News-

>If you think that your computer or my site is messed up, and that's the reason you can't see the picture at the top of the page, you're wrong. I have not put a picture there yet. Hopefully there will be one soon, though.

>And in musical developments...; there will soon be a short run of Camera tapes; sorry, no CD's yet- I'm just not geared up for it. And a quick word on those tapes; Most of them will be handed out(our sold) at concerts, but there is a chance that you will be able to mail-order them.

>12/09/03- Sorry about the lack of upkeep on this site...I still have plans for those "mythical" tapes! but the funds for production are limited.

>01/22/04- As you may or may not be able to tell from the utter lack of news, the Camera project has been shelfed. Maybe permanently. Camera's vocalist left the band early last December. The status of the band is yet unknown

>01/22/04- Orange Industry will be giong into business with Pair'a'Dice records; as sibling labels! This is good news! Adam Valverde of Pair'a'Dice does not currently have a website.

That's it for now, but thank you for checking back!

-Trevor Callaham