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Hike South~St. Francois Hike~St. Louis Hike~Ozark Mt, Castor River
  Missouri Nature Walks Discover & Explore Hiking in Missouri

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PARKS FEATURED:   Coldwater Conservation Area, Lon Sanders Canyon Natural Area, Sam A. Baker State Park & Wilderness Area, Mingo Wildlife Refugee, Wappello Lake Recreation Area

St. Francois
Natural Area

Sam A. Baker State Park and Wilderness Area

Patterson on HWY 143. HWY 34, 49 or 67 to JCT N to HWY 143

The St. Francois Mountain Hideaway of the surrounding conical, dome like hills. The ancient St. Francois Mountains, the natural landscape and the cool waters of the St. Francois River and Big Creek make up the 5,000 acres of Sam A. Baker State Park. Getaway for a day or explore the region, the natural and cultural history of the park. The scenic trails of the park offer excellent views of the parks beauty. The park offers boat launch access to the river, canoeing, hiking, backpacking, picnicking, equestrian trails, 2 campgrounds, cabins and a visitor-nature center.

Mudlick Mountain Wilderness Area
The Mudlick Dellenite is some of the oldest exposed rock in North America. The carved landscape of knobs and valleys is one of the oldest mountain regions. Mudlick Mountain has an elevation of 1,313 feet.

Mudlick Trail features a 12 mile loop and the best views of 4,420 acre Mudlick Mountain Wild Area and 1,370 acre Mudlick Natural Area. Hikers can explore the woodland landscape, open glades, canyon gorges, igneous cliffs, gravel washes and glades. There are three stone hiking shelters located along the trail.

Trails: Mudlick Trail(12 mi loop), Hollow Pass, Shut-Ins Trail, and The Ozark Trail-Wappello Lake Section.

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Wappapello Lake State Park & Lake Wappapello
Williamsville. HWY 34, US 67 for 2.5 miles, near Poplar Bluff. MO 172. 573-297-3232 or 8579
Lake Wappapello State Park
Wappapello has 8,400 acres of water and 1,854 land acres. The southwestern shore of the Lake is the Allison Penninsula, which is the Lake Wappapello State Park .The unspoiled beauty, Ozark forest and a variety of recreational activities (swimming, boating and water skiing) are its highlights. Crappie is the most fished species of lake. Campgrounds and marinas are numerous. Wappapello Lake State Park offers two campgrounds, one on the ridge and one near the lake. A large amount of public land surround the area and into the Mark Twain National Forest. There are 3 national hiking trails that explore the Allison Penninsula. Wappapello Lake is a wonderful place for camping and hiking or enjoy an afternoon barbeque or an evening sunset on the lake.

Lakeview Trail is a half mile loop that travels along the lake.
Allison Cemetery Trail is 3.5 mile loop. Shorter hikes are possible by using the connector trails. This wide path follows along the ridge to the cemetery and along the shoreline.
Asher Creek Trail is a 2 mile loop and it travels around the bluff and lakeshore continuing to the lakeshore, cove and upland forest ridge.
Lake Wappapello Trail is the longest trail of 15 miles, elevation of 360 to 550 feet. This rugged trail loop is best for backpacking and is used by bikes and horses. The trail is scenic along the lake yet can be compact and dense in areas.

Wappapello Lake
It is home to the St. Francis River and Logan Creek. A fairly shallow lake, Wappapello has 8,400 acres of water. The lake was named after an Shawnee Chief, Wapepilse, who was friendly to the pioneers. The focus is the water based outdoor recreation. There are three trails in the park, they are mild to difficult and classified by the National Parks Service. Also the Ozark Trail, Wappapello section to Sam A. Baker State Park. Nature walks are also great year round at the beaches at Peoples Creek, Redman Creek and Rockwood Point Recreation.

Pine Ridge Trail, at the Spillway Recreation Area. There are many Ozark trees on the hillside between the tailwater and ridgetop picnic area.
Lost Creek Trail loops on a forested ridgetop that overlooks Wappapellos Lake refuge on the northeast shore.
Memory Lane Trail at Greenville is a 1 mile historic walk along the banks of the St. Francis.
Johnson Tract Natural Area Trail is a hiking and backpacking path that circles the 1,136 acre natural area, along forest roads, elevation 400-710 feet. Highlights of this trail are the St. Francis River, cedar bluffs, top glades, and open fields. There are two primitive backpack camps.
Ozark Trail Wappapello Section-20 miles.

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Mingo National Wildlife National Refuge

HWY 51. Puxico. 573-222-3589

This refuge is 21,676 acres of wildlife refuge for wildlife preservation. Mingo has a variety of outdoor recreation such as hiking, wildlife observation center, canoeing, picnicking, visitor center, lookout towers and auto tour route.

The natural history of refuge began when a glacier retreated, the Mississippi River carved through the region. As the River flowed south it cut off an area called Crowleys Ridge, 18,000 years ago it sliced through the ridge and joined the Ohio River, near New Madrid County, today. As the river shifted it left behind a fertile wildlife haven, called Mingo Swamp. Native Americans were attracted to the areas rich and abundant wildlife and resources. Settlers exploited the swamp and harvested nearly all the trees and forests.

Today most of the swamps natural vitality has been restored and the natural and wild resources recaptured, creating a natural wildlife habitat. There is an 8,000 acre Wilderness Area containing some of the most beautiful and pristine scenery of the refuge.

In Mingo Wildlife Refuge featured attractions are Rockhouse Marsh, exploration by canoe on the Mingo River, Stanley Creek and Monopoly Marsh, or by hiking the Boardwalk Trail, Bluff Trail, or Hartz Pond & Trails.

Boardwalk Trail
is a 1 mile loop trail throught he bottom land hardwood swamp.
Bluff Trail is a .5 mile, with wildflowers in the spring and provides scenic views of the limestone bluffs bordering the swamp.
Hartz Pond Trail leads to the picnicking and fishing facilities.

Coldwater Conservation Area

HWY67 north of Greenville

Approximately 352 acres, portions of Graves Mountain and Coldwater conservation areas for 640 acres adjoining Coldwater Conservation Area.

Lon Sanders Canyon Natural Area

East of Piedmont, HWY 34, .5 miles on Canyon Road

Enjoy the natural feature of the McKenzie Creek shut-ins.

Graves Mountain Natural Area,


Nu clear.

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Sam A. Baker
State Park

Over 15,000 acres
of Natural Landscape

Mudlick Mountain Wilderness 4, 420 Acres

4 Trails: Mudlick Mt., Hollows Pass, Shut-Ins, Ozark Trail

RFD 1, Box 114,
Patterson MO 63956
or 573-856-4223

Mark Twain
National Forest

Wappapello Lake & State Park

8,400 acres of water
1,854 land acres

Lakeview Trail

.5 mile loop.
Allison Cemetery Trail
3.5 mile loop.
Asher Creek Trail
2 mile loop.
Lake Wappapello Trail
15 miles, elevation to 550 ft.

Pine Ridge, Lost Creek, Memory Lane Trails

Johnson Tract Natural Area Trail

Ozark Trail - Wappapello Section,
20 miles.

Mingo National Wildlife Refuge

21,676 acres

Boardwalk Trail,
1 mile, Bluff Trail, .5 mile
or Hartz Pond Trail

Mingo River, Stanley Creek, Monopoly Marsh, Rockhouse Marsh

HWY 51. Puxico.

Coldwater Conservation Area

352 acres

Graves Mountain & Coldwater Lake

Lon Sanders Canyon Natural Area

McKenzie Creek Shut-ins

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