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  Missouri Nature Walks Discover & Explore Hiking in Missouri

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PARKS FEATURED:   Meremac State Park, Robertsville StPk, Little Indian Conservation Area, Catiwissa Wildlife Area

Meremac State Park

6,896 acres

Several natural springs and caves

Robertsville State Park

1,225 acres

Trail: 1 mile

Little Indian Conservation Area

3,002 acres

Featured areas:
Grandaddy Hollow, Mule Barn Hollow, Simmons hollow and California Branch

Meremac State Park

E of Sullivan on MO185. 573-468-6072.

This 6, 896 acre park is located on along the Meramec River. Several miles of picturesque riverbank scenery are preserved in this park providing a haven for river recreation. The parks campgrounds borders along the spring fed Meramec River. Within the park is an expanse of forest and several springs and more than 40 caves. Tours of Fisher Cave are offered.

Robertsville State Park

H902 State Park Drive, Robertsville, MO 63072. 636-257-3788.

1,225 acres located along the spring fed Meramec River. The Meramec River and Calvey Creek are the borders of Rovertsville Park where there are excellent views of the river and surrounding scenic bluffs. These waterways attract many kinds of waterfowl, Blue and Green herons. Bluebirds, owls and chickadees make their home in the park. The park consists of a patchwork of old farm fields and hardwood forests of black oak, northern red oak, white oak and shagbark hickory trees. In the rich bottomlands along the creek flourishing trees of sycamore, silver maple and cottonwood abound. Spice Bush Trail (1 mile) offers views of the many natural wonders of the park. It travels through the hardwood forests, where there is diverse wildlife and are several kinds of bushes including the spice bush. Outdoor activities are hiking, camping, picnicing, fishing and a boat ramp to access the river.

Little Indian Conservation Area

St. Clair. HWY K to Old HWY K.

3,002 acre forest consisting of oak and hickory and some short leaf pine trees, cedar trees, hardwoods along the glades and bottomlands. Little Indian Creek flows for about a half mile across the area. Featured areas are Grandaddy Hollow, Mule Barn Hollow, Simmons hollow and California Branch.

Catiwissa Wildlife Area

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Catiwissa Wildlife Area

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