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Position of CIDE on the Draft Constitution of the European Union (June 19 2004)

In essence, the proposals in the draft constitution are a rehash of the previous Rome and Maastricht treaties.

This is a big disappointment to anyone who was hoping for a more radical position of the European Council on human rights within the EU.

We are going to have to listen in the years to come to our leaders lecturing the rest of the world on human rights while those set out in the constitution are only binding within the context of european law - Article II-51 of Title VII.

Our european leaders have yet again the best of both worlds. They get to say that they are the leaders of the biggest 'democracy' in the developed world, but they don't have the disagreeable task of ensuring that fundamental human rights really exist on the ground within the EU.

Don't be fooled!!! Fundamental human rights are not guaranteed for citizens by the constitution!!!

The union simply undertakes to 'respect' them when it comes to formulating european law.

This basically means that national governments can do what they like in the privacy of their own countries, without fear of any european authority calling them to account.

It seems that power in the EU flows toward the center in a democractic manner, only to return on the heads of its hapless citizens in a fascist manner.

The representative of the EU in your country is not the EU representative but your own government!!! If you don't like the way in which your government represents the EU, there is nothing you can do but shut up and hope it dosn't get any worse.

The EU really does seem to have been designed by politicans for politicians - no wonder those guys are always smiling when they get together for their lavish summits!!! They can't believe their good luck!!! You have to admit that finding 450 million saps all in one place is something of a feat!!!!