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OBR Farrier Services

NOTE!!Members with more than 25 horses recieve a 40% discount. Just e-mail me the regular amount, then I will e-mail you back with the discounted price. I will also e-mail the bank the discounted price!

Trim:$20.00(all 4 feet)

Steel Shoes-These are what most people would call a "traditional" horseshoe. They're very versatile and can be shaped to fit nearly every horse.
-Steel Shoes: $20.00(front feet only)
-Steel Shoes: $40.00(full set)

Aluminum Shoes-Most commonly used on the flat and harness racing track and for western speed events, but is becoming more and more popular for hunters. The shoes are very light weight.
-Aluminum Shoes: $30.00(front only)
-Aluminum Shoes: $60.00(full set)

Straight Bar Shoes-Used on horses that have quarter cracks, corns, or white line trauma. The shoe holds the hoof together for more rapid healing.
-Straight Bar Shoes:$20.00(front only)
-Straight Bar Shoes: $40.00(full set)

Egg Bar Shoes-These "O" shaped shoes are used to treat horses that have low or collapsed heels and large round feet. The shoes help these horses to get rid of excess forces through the heel.
-Egg Bar Shoes: $20.00(front only)
-Egg Bar Shoes: $40.00(full set)

Heart Bar Shoes-These shoes were designed by in order to treat horses with laminitis. The shoe places pressure on the frog and thus places pressure on the pedal bone to push it into position.
-Heart Bar Shoes: $20.00(front feet only)
-Heart Bar Shoes: $40.00(full set)

Hot Shoeing-The debate over which is better, hot shoeing or cold shoeing, will continue as long as horses are being shod. The fact is, it's simply a matter of personal preference. Hot shoeing bonds the shoe to the horses foot directly without the use of nails. It does not hurt the horse at all. One area where farriers agree is the hot shoeing is recommended when using clips.
-Hot Shoeing: $15.00(per hoof)

Clips-Clips are flat extensions on the horseshoe that lay flat against the hoof wall. These can be used to help keep the shoe in place or some people choose them simply because they like the way they look.
-Clips: $5.00(per set)

Pads-Both standard (plastic) and leather pads are used for protection and to cushion shock. If you have ASB, Tennessee Walkers, or Morgans they typically have longer feet and may benefit from multiple pads on each hoof to improve their way of going. If you turn your horses out frequently, leather pads are not recommended b/c they retain moisture.
-Leather Pads: $10.00(per pair)
-Standard(Plastic) Pads: $5.00(per pair)

Sliding Plates-These are in addition to the shoe itself and are primarily used to shoe reining horses and occasionaly cutting horses. "Sliders" can be used on both the front and hind feet.
-Sliders: $15.00(per pair)

Emergency Visit: $20.00(per horse serviced)