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The Object Music

Label Discography

Object Music was a Manchester based record label active 1978-81. It more or less grew directly out of the Manchester Musicians' Collective, which initially included Dick Witts [Passage], classical and electronic composers (respectively) Simon Holt and Trevor Wishart, and Tony Friel, whose band The Fall had their first gig at a Collective meeting. This webpage is intended as an information resource and nothing more. Scans of covers will be added ASAP. If you have never heard any of these releases, then I suggest you track down a copy of the Spherical Objects "Elliptical Optimism" LP, an outstanding record. Update 9.feb.2009 : For reasons too stupid to waste anyone's time describing, I have been unable to update this website since early last year which is why I am so late with the following piece of very good news: In September 2008, LTM/Boutique released the first four titles of a hopefully complete reissue program of the Object Music catalogue. All four Spherical Objects albums are now available on two CDs, plus an almost complete singles compilation and, somewhat surprisingly perhaps, the Noyes Brothers albums as a double-CD with bonus material. The Grow Up catalogue was a strong contender for the first set of releases but it turns out the band themselves have plans in that regard. See the LTM website for full details. Those titles again are: various artists - Auteur Labels: Object Music (LTMCD 2527) Spherical Objcts - Past & Parcel/Elliptical Optimism (BOUCD 6614) Spherical Objcts - Further Ellipses/No Man's Land (BOUCD 6616) Noyes Brothers - Sheep From Goats 2xCD (BOUCD 6615) Needless to say these are all strongly recommended.

Please note that this is a discography, not a sale list! Check the main page for a link to my vinyl trading site. I am looking for Grow Up's "Without Winds" LP and I.Q.Zero's "She's So Rare" single, so please get in touch if you have copies for sale. Send updates/scans/comments to: I suggest trying ebay if you are looking to buy these records.

7" Discography

OM-1 Spherical Objects - The Kill / The Knot (10/1978) (PS) +lyric sheet Recorded & mixed at Arrow Sound Studios, Manchester, 10th July 1978, during the same one day the Past and Parcel LP was done. Both tracks by Steve Solamar. Fantastic cover artwork credited to Anon Entity & Malc Ontent and Amblyopic Images lineup: Steve Solamar - guitar & vocals John Bisset-Smith - guitar Duncan Prestbury - keyboards Roger Hilton - drums Fred Burrows - bass
OM-2 Passage - New Love Songs EP (12/1978) (PS) Recorded and mixed at Arrow Sound Studios, Manchester, 4.11.78 on the same day as OM-3 and OM-4. side one: Love Song (Dick Witts) The Competition (Tony Friel) side two: Slit Machine (Dick Witts) New Kind Of Love (Tony Friel)
OM-3 Steve Miro & The Eyes - Up And About / Smiling In Reverse (12/1978) (PS) Recorded and mixed at Arrow Sound Studios, Manchester, 4.11.78 on the same day as OM-2 and OM-4. The Eyes for this recording consisted of members of Spherical Objects Both tracks by Steve Miro
OM-4 Spherical Objects - Seventies Romance / Sweet Tooth (12/1978) (PS) Recorded and mixed at Arrow Sound Studios, Manchester, 4.11.78 on the same day as OM-2 and OM-3. Both tracks by Steve Solamar.
OM-5 Grow Up - Stay Away EP (1979) (PS) Recorded at Revolution Studio, 17.2.79 Both Grow Up tracks on the A Manchester Collection sampler LP (OBJ003) were recorded at the same session. All tracks by John Bisset-Smith. side one: Stay Awake / 10 Minutes / Photo side two: Lake / River / So Long lineup: Billy John MacDonald - drums Steven Brown - bass Richard Westwood - sax & clarinet John Bisset-Smith - guitar & vocals Steven Westwood - trombone
OM-6 Alternomen Unlimited - Facade EP (1979) (PS) Recorded 8.2.79 side one: Facade side two: For Ever And Ever Connections The sleeve lists the B-side as "For Ever And Ever" only; the label lists "Connections" only.
OM-7 Warriors - Martial Time / Martial Law (1979) Recorded 22.4.79 Produced by the Mighty Sol Fish
OM-8 Passage - About Time EP (10/1979) (PS) +insert Produced by David Cunningham & Passage side one: Taking My Time (Tony Friel) Clock Paradox (Tony Friel) side two: Sixteen Hours (music: Dick Witts/lyrics: Witts & Friel) Time Delay (Dick Witts) lineup: Tony Friel - bass guitar, guitar, vocals Lorraine Hilton - roland organ, string machine Dick Witts - drum kit, percussion, string machine, cello, vocals
OM-9 I.Q.Zero - Everybody Kills Insects EP (1979) (PS) All songs by Mick Duffy. side one: Insects side two: Electromotion Quirky Pop Music lineup: Joe Duffy - bass & vocals Mick Duffy - vocals & guitar Gordon Holden - drums Mick Potts - guitar & vocals
OM-10 Steve Miro & The Eyes - Dreams of Desire / Queens of the Sea (1979) Recorded 4.7.79
OM-11 Contact - Future/Past EP (1979) (PS) side Future: Fascinated By Time? Constant Beat side Past: Nite Time Someone Like You
OM-12 Grow Up - Joanne (1980) (PS) Recorded and mixed at Revolution, Cheadle Hulme, 10.4.80 Engineered by Phil Ault. side one: Joanne (John Bisset-Smith) side two: 1a. Affirmation of Existance 1b. Reaffirmation of Existance 1c. Swept Away (Roger Blackburn) 2. GGGDADGADADAD (John Bisset-Smith) lineup: John Bisset-Smith - guitar and vocals Roger Blackburn - bass and guitar BJ McDonald - drums Richard Westwood - sax

LP Discography

OBJ-1 Spherical Objects - Past and Parcel (6/1978) with lyric sheet remastered version with front cover sticker Recorded and mixed at Indigo/Arrow Sound Studio, Manchester, 10.7.78 The debut single "The Kill" was recorded during the same session. The band was unhappy with the mastering of the first pressing [1000 copies]. When a better mastering studio was found (first used for OBJ-1) and the first pressing of "Past and Parcel" had sold out, the album was remastered at this new studio and subsequent pressings are from this second, superior master. A sticker on the front cover identifies this second version. So it is not a remix, as previously reported, but a remaster. All songs by Steve Solamar. side one: Born To Pay Situation Comedy You Can Become The Crystal Tree If I Can Choose (Oh Babe) Lover Flow side two: Drama Queen The Face I Want To See What Goes On Past And Parcel lineup: Steve Solamar - vocals and guitar John Bisset-Smith - guitar Duncan Prestbury - keyboards Frederick Burrows - bass Roger Hilton - drums
OBJ-2 V/A - Indiscrete Music - Dubious Collaboration (1979) +insert Limited edition of 500 copies. "A collage of improvisations full frequency claustrophobic sound." 24 untitled recordings from 1971-76 featuring Keith Davis, Martin Fruhstuk, Chris Gribble, Steve Miro, Alan Robinson, Steve Solamar. Salvaged at Graveyard Sounds, Prestwich, from rough tapes and cassettes.
OBJ-3 V/A - A Manchester Collection (1979) Grow Up - 1.You Are The One 2.Night Rally I.Q.Zero - 3.I'm In Love 4.I Must Obey Fast Cars - 5.Why 6.What Can I Do? Mediaters - 7.Monotony Fireplace - 8.Fireplace 9.Dutchman // Picture Chords - 10.First Floor 11.Levitating Ladies Manchester Mekon - 12.The Cake Shop Device Property Of... - 13. Property Of... Vibrant Thigh - 14.Wooden Gangsters F.T.Index - 15.Working On The Line Slight Seconds - 16.Double Face 17.New Me
OBJ-4 Spherical Objects - Eliptical Optimism (1979) with inner sleeve Recorded and mixed at Pluto Studio, Manchester. Engineer Phil Ault. Produced by Spherical Objects, Phil Ault and Andy MacPherson. side one: 1. Metropolis 2. Show Me 3. Comedians 4. Eliptical Optimism 5. Ten To Nine 6. Another Technique side two: 7. I Should Have Left Him 8. It's So Good To Be Alive (Tonight) 9. Lying Again 10. I Don't Remember 11. Walk Away 12. Lucy 13. I Remember You lineup: Steve Solamar - vocals, guitar & harmonica John Bisset-Smith - guitar & vocals Duncan Prestbury - keyboards; lead vocal on "It's So Good To Be Alive" Frederick Burrows - bass, trumpet & guitar Roger Hilton - drums & percussion
OBJ-5 Grow Up - The Best Thing (1979) side one: 1. Instrumental 2. The Best Thing 3. Missing 4. She's Always There 5. Dear Isobel 6. Do You Want To Dance 7. Her Song side two: 8. Too Much Love 9. Spilt Tea 10. Autumn Movie 11. Golden Promises 12. No Mirror 13. The Peak 14. David
OBJ-6 V/A - Objectivity The Object Singles Album (1979) Compiles OM-1, OM-3, OM-4, OM-5 (A-side), OM-6 (A-side), OM-7 and OM-10. Both sides of OM-7 are spliced together into one track. side one: Spherical Objects - 1.The Kill 2.The Knot Steve Miro & The Eyes - 3.Dreams Of Desire 4.Queen Of The Sea Grow Up - 5.River 6.Stay Awake 7.10 Mins Alternomen Unlimited - 8.Facade side two: Warriors - 9.Martial Time/Martial Law Steve Miro - 10.Up And About 11.Smiling In Reverse Spherical Objects - 12.Seventies Romance 13.Sweet Tooth
OBJ-7 V/A - The Waiting Room (1980) side one: Slight Seconds - 1. And... 2. Puppet On A String 3. Building Bridges 4. Where Were You? 5. Slight Seconds 6. Lost Love 7. Fallen (Again?) 8. Chameleon Lens 9. "Further Down The Line" side two: Mediaters - 1. Silent Battles 2. Ego Drift 3. Time's Your Own? 4. The Waiting Room 5. Mirror Image Picture Chords - A Cause Des Voisins Recorded and mixed at Cargo Studio November 1979
OBJ-8 Steve Miro & The Eyes - Rude Intrusions (1980) All compositions written by Steve Miro and arranged by The Eyes Recorded at Revolution Studio, Cheadle Hulme Engineered by Andy MacPherson and John Glude Produced by Andy MacPherson Front cover artwork by Terry Crossley side one: Choke It Back Hammer And Tongs An't You Got No Life Making Money Give Me Back My Dice Shadow Screen side two: Gin Video Breaking Jeans For China Good Looking Girl It's A Long Way To Paris Stuck For Words lineup: Steve Miro - guitars Jimmy Carter - bass Brian Martin - drums Duncan Prestbury - keys Lead vocals by Steve Back vocals by everyone guests: Steve Solamar - harmonica Frederick Burrows - trumpet
OBJ-9/10 Noyes Brothers - Sheep From Goats 2xLP (1980) foc The cover states "This is a limited edition". Subtitled "100 Minutes of Solamar/Miro". Recorded October 1979 to May 1980 at Graveyard Sounds, Prestwich, Manchester. Engineer: Stuart Pickering Noyes Brothers - Sheep From Goats 2xLP side one: Impending Doom Away We Go Repercussion Bo Scat Um I.D. Marlene Night Sky Vision Byte To Beat side two: Why Did It Fade I Am You On The Outside Dream Archetypal Memory It Must Be Vibration Pointless The Mutant Ingmar The Dog Some Times side three: Outnuendo Decision Time Pnumonia Bridge Resurrection In Chaos Minor Do End New Out side four: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time credits: Solamar - vocals, guitar, organ, synthesisers, bass, percussion, drums, drum machine, harmonica, flute, cacophone, jawharp Miro - vocals, guitar, organ, piano, synthesiser, bass, percussion, drums. Jae Boyer - vocala on "Archetypal Memory", "It Must Be Vibration" and "Pointless"
OBJ-11 Passage - Pin Drop (11/1980) Recorded at Graveyard July 1980 Engineered by Stuart Pickering Produced by The Passage Songs & treatments by Dick Witts except "16 Hours" text by Tony Friel & Dick Witts pin (side one): Fear Troops Out Carnal Watching You Dance Hunt Anderton's Hall From The Heart drop (side two): Locust 2711 16 Hours Carmen A Certain Way To Go Prelude
OBJ-12 Spherical Objects - Further Ellipses (1980) with inner sleeve Recorded and mixed at Revolution Studios. Engineered and produced by Andy MacPherson. side one: Regular Condition Take A Chance The Root Don't Worry About Me The Final Part Buy It side two: Moving On The Run Mama Tried Places And Spaces The Conductor Set Free
OBJ-13 Tirez Tirez - Etudes (8/1980) with inner sleeve All Songs by Mikel Rouse Recorded and mixed at Downtown Sound, NYC, between April 2 and April 23, 1980 Produced by Tirez Tirez Tirez Tirez's manager brought the art work and master tapes to Steve Solamar. side one: Radiation Dance Razorblade A Summary World War Hair side two: I'll Be That West Led The Diamond King Strike Vowels Observation lineup: Mikel Rouse Rob Shepperson Jeff Burk
OBJ-14 V/A - Do The Maru (1981) Recorded at Graveyard. side one: Steve Solamar - Forewarned 41 Degrees - Just...My Crazy Mind Roger Blackburn - In Memory side two: Noyes Bros. - Good Question Notes: Recorded and mixed at Graveyard Studios, Prestwich. Engineer: Stuart Pickering.
OBJ-15 Steve Miro & The Eyes - Second Sentence (1981) with lyric sheet All titles by Steve Miro With thanks to Frederick Burrows Recorded, engineered and produced at Revolution Studios under the expert supervision and guidance of Andy MacPherson. side one: Gone Riding Hit and Run Something in a Nutshell Mixed Opinions Stories To Tell side two: Stand Inside The Light Steps Up Fire Away Son Hiding It All Away Mutiny
OBJ-16 Spherical Objects - No Man's Land (1981) Produced by Andy McPherson Recorded and mixed at Revolution Studio, Cheadle Hulme. Engineers: Andy McPherson, John Gluck, Phil Ault. "Special thanks to everyone who has supported us. Bye" side one: One Way Out Terminal Romance Cruelest Twist Jericho Memories in Blue side two: Thirst Don't Ask Wipe Resting Place No Man's Land lineup: Steve Solamar - guitar & vocals Roger Blackburn - guitars Roger Hilton - drums Mike Rabbit - guitar Mike Zee - bass
Notes: Alternomen Unlimited Steve Miro & Steve Solamar Roger Blackburn Contact Collaboration between Tony Friel (Fall, Passage, Teardrops) and Duncan Prestbury (Steve Miro & The Eyes, Spherical Objects, Future Primitives, Warriors). 41 Degrees From Manchester. I recently acquired a copy of their LP and will supply more info here ASAP. lp Open Heart (own label 41-001, UK 1982) Grow Up John Bisset-Smith (g/v), Richard Westwood (sax/clarinet), Steven Westwood (trombone), Steve Brown (b), Billy John MacDonald (d) Described by Paul Morley somewhere as "Beefheart for softies" (which sounds a bit like a put down and really isn't very accurate!), the debut LP is fantastic and well worth searching for. Other releases: lp Without Winds (Up Records GROW-1, 12/1981) I.Q.Zero From Blackburn. Mike Duffy (g/v), Paul Cronshaw (g), Joe Duffy (b), Gordon Holden (d) Other releases: 7" She's So Rare / Crazy Dolls (Phoney-Gram SRTS/80/CUS-6, 1979) very hard to find 7" She's So Rare / Crazy Dolls (Logo GO 374, 1979) (PS) The Mediaters Mark Wreghitt (v), Andy Burrows (g), Karl Drinkwater (sax), Brian Robertson (b), Philip Rathbone (d) Steve Miro & The Eyes From Manchester. Steve Miro (g/v), Duncan Prestbury (k), Jimmy Carter (b), Brian Martin (d) with Delroy Smith (sax) Other releases: lp Trilemna (Glaze Recordings, 1984) A contemporary, unrelated band called The Eyes recorded two singles for Raw Records: 7" - I Like It / Once Ain't Enough (Raw Records RAW16, 3/1978) (PS) 7" - Once Upon A Lifetime / Hello I Love You (Raw Records RAW29, 1978) (PS) Noyes Brothers These 'noise' brothers were Steve Miro and Steve Solomar. Passage From Manchester. Tony Friel (v/g/b) (ex Fall), Lorraine Hilton (k), Dick Witts (d) The Passage story is well documented on this excellent tribute website. Picture Chords Paul Copp (v), Andy White (g), Peter Pojuner (synth/tapes), Andy Hannay (d) Slight Seconds From Stockport. Kevin Eden (g/v), Martin Shaw (b), Pete Hibbert (d) Spherical Objects From Manchester. Steve Solamar (g/v), John Bisset-Smith (g), Duncan Prestbury (k), Fred Burrows (b), Roger Hilton (d) This Trouser Press entry completely misses the point. Tirez Tirez A US band founded by Mikel Rouse. I don't know how their modest but enjoyable debut LP came to be released on Object Music. Tirez Tirez went on to release several records on Crepuscule and Primitive Man/Rough Trade USA. Rouse also released material under his own name and as Broken Consort among others. See for details. Warriors Steve Solamar (harmonica), T. Mack (g/b), Duncan Prestbury (organ, melodica), Roger Hilton (d). Reggae instrumental.