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Caps if a very dangerous sport and should not be immitated without proper supervision. During long matches, one or both feet may fall asleep, making for dangerous post-match walking conditions. Be sure to keep away from potential dangerous objects until the numbness in extremities resides. Above all, enjoy the game and play responsibly. Having a person on hand skilled in the Heimlich Maneuver is suggested for those times that a player may, and will, choke on a cap. Now, onto the rules...
The first rule of the OACC is you do not talk about the OACC.

The second rule of the OACC is you do not talk about the OACC!

The Wessin' should never be allowed to hold a championship. If, for some strange reason, The Wessin' is in position to win some gold, he will be SABOTAGED AT ALL COSTS!

The last and most important rule in the OACC is to HAVE FUN!

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps