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OACC Sanctioned Matches

There's more to the game of caps than just throwing bottle caps into plastic cups. Some matches have different rules than others, and these matches rules are explained below. If you have an idea for a new match, send it to the Executive Board and they'll review it.
Standard MatchThis is the most common match seen in the world of caps. Rounds are to ten points, and the best of three rounds wins. The two-point rule is in effect, meaning a player must defeat their opponent by at least two points in order to win. If both players reach twenty points without a victor declared, the match is ruled a draw.
Championship MatchThe Championship Match abides by the same rules as the Standard Match except that it is decided in a best of five series. The two-point rule is present, but a Championship Match cannot end in a draw, so rounds will go on as long as they have to.
Tag Team MatchA Tag Team Match is just like a Standard Match, except with two people per team. Teams take turns with players alternating every other shot. When attempting to match, both team members get one attempt, then gameplay returns to normal. The two-point and draw rules are both in effect.
High Impact MatchThe High Impact Match of the Night is usually used to jumpstart an event by pitting to top-ranked opponents against one another for ranking leverage. This match consists of one round to fifteen and the two-point rule is waived.
Triple Threat MatchThe Triple Threat Match involves three people and three cups. Each person starts out with ten points, and play moves counter-clockwise. One a player's turn, they choose which cup to shoot at. A successful shot results in the deduction of a point from the opposing player, however, the opponent has a chance to match first. If a player's point total reaches zero or below, they're eliminated. This continues until one player is left standing.
Hardcore MatchA Hardcore Match is a one round contest, with the first to ten declared the winner. The two-point rule is waived, making a draw impossible. Players don't have to worry about shooting out of turn, because in this match, out of turn doesn't exist. Players are free to throw as many caps as they'd like, as fast as they'd like, until a goal is scored. Upon scoring a goal, the referee will halt shooting, and match play will ensue. After match play, the free-for-all will continue. This is repeated until one player emerges victorious.
Handicap MatchA two-on-one competition to ten points. This match is one round, and adheres to the two-point win rule. On the turn of the two-person team, they each get to take a turn, giving them two shots to their opponent's one shot. This is a huge disadvantage to the handicapped player, making it one of the more difficult matches to win.
Lumberjack MatchA basic, one round, turn-based match to ten points. Players must win by two, but there's one twist. All opposing players in the room are allowed to hurl stray caps in an attempt to knock a player's cap out of the air after he shoots.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps