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Coming Events

King of the Caps 12/11/03(Thursday)
Ferry Street Arena, Eugene, OR
OACC High Impact Match of the Night:
Kelly O' vs. NUTT

Do you like high stakes caps? The two top-ranked players in the OACC square off in a battle to shake up the rankings and stake a claim of supremacy in the OACC! This is no ordinary match, people! This is tense competition, one game to fifteen! No margin for error, the two-point win rule has been waived! Kelly O' and NUTT have been heading towards this match for months and now you will see it live!
Heavyweight Championship

Championship Match:
SOB, Inc. vs. Y2Zimmer

You wanted it, you got it! A championship match between a crafty veteran and an up-and-coming star that will drive the crowd at Ferry Street Arena wild! This ain't no weeniemobile match, this is SOB, Inc. and Y2Zimmer, head to head, best of five! Y2Zimmer gave the challenge, and SOB, Inc. is bringing it!
Grudge Match:
SOB, Inc. vs. Damn Coleman

This is no regular match, this is down and dirty! This rivalry has been brewing and it's about to boil over in a single match, not for a title, but for bragging rights!
Heavyweight Championship

Championship Match:
Winner from SOB, Inc./Y2Zimmer vs. NUTT

Just one championship match? I don't think so! Someone has to come out of the first championship bout, and that person is facing NUTT, the OACC #1 ranked player. And this match isn't just for the belt, it's also for the #1 seed in the main event!

Caps Championship

King of the Caps Eight-Man Single-Elimination Tournament:
(Participants subject to change.)
Damn Coleman : The Wessin' : J to the F-U : Zack Attack : SOB, Inc. : Kelly O' : NUTT : Y2Zimmer


Who has what it takes to become the King of the Caps? SOB, Inc., current Heavyweight Champion, has to be a favorite in this one, but it's possible he could compete in three exhausting matches before tournament play even begins. Depending on the seeding, NUTT or Kelly O' have the skills to sweep through to the finals with ease! Damn Coleman and The Wessin' are also dangerous cappers that have the potential to knock anybody out of the tournament! Let's not forget about the two wild cards in this tourney, J to the F-U and Zack Attack, both of whom may pull an upset. And what about Y2Zimmer? Underrated, or nothing but hype? We'll find out on Thursday!

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps