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OACC Championships

Caps Championship
This belt signifies the champion of caps as recognized by the OACC. The holder of this title is the best the OACC has to over and has proved it by beating the best. This title must be defended at each SuperCard or it is forfeited.

Heavyweight Championship
This belt is held by the caps champion of the world, but is not sanctioned by the OACC. While equaled only by the Caps Championship, it is defended only at the champion's discretion.

Tag Team Championships
The Tag Team Championships are held by the most cohesive two-man unit in the OACC. The belts can only be decided in a two-man competitions, and must be defended at every SuperCard.

Hardcore Championship
The Hardcore Championship is without a doubt the most exciting title the OACC has to offer. While not as prestigious as the other belts, it must be defended on every card and it must be decided in Hardcore Matches only.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps