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SOB, Inc.


Cap Name:Real Name:Height:Throwing Style:
SOB, Inc.Josh McCool6'3"Flick Toss
Sex:Date of Birth:Hometown:Entered OACC:
Male12/10/82Eugene, OR12/8/03
Allies:Rivals:W/L/D vs. Rivals:
J to the F-UDamn Coleman-/-/-

Prior to the opening of the OACC, SOB, Inc. became the first ever Heavyweight Champion by steamrolling through a tournament at a non-sanctioned event at the Ferry Street Arena. By capturing the Heavyweight Championship, SOB, Inc. has cemented himself as one of the elite players in the OACC.

Trophy Case:
Caps Championship:World Championship:Tag Team Championships:Hardcore Championship:
Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps