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Kelly O'


Cap Name:Real Name:Height:Throwing Style:
Kelly O'Kelly O'Neill5'10"Standard Shot
Sex:Date of Birth:Hometown:Entered OACC:
Male10/23/82La Pine, OR12/8/03
Allies:Rivals:W/L/D vs. Rivals:

In his sober state, Kelly O' is a good caps player, but once he's got some booze in him he's great! Kelly O' truly is alcohol fueled and it shows in his shooting performance. The consumption of alcohol seems to give him clutch shooting skills rivaled only by NUTT, his rival. Thought to be unstoppable when playing at his best, Kelly O' is consistantly ranked in the top three cap players in the OACC.

Trophy Case:
Caps Championship:World Championship:Tag Team Championships:Hardcore Championship:
Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps