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J to the F-U


Cap Name:Real Name:Height:Throwing Style:
J to the F-UJenny Futrell5'7"Standard Shot
Sex:Date of Birth:Hometown:Entered OACC:
Female-/-/8-???, OR12/8/03
Allies:Rivals:W/L/D vs. Rivals:
SOB, Inc.n/a-/-/-

J to the F-U is the most inexperienced shooter in the OACC, but has been trained by one of the best...the first Heavyweight Champion, SOB, Inc. Currently being the only female in the OACC, many feel J to the F-U doesn't have the physical skills needed to compete in such a rough and tumble sport, but she's looking to prove her nay-sayers wrong.

Trophy Case:
Caps Championship:World Championship:Tag Team Championships:Hardcore Championship:
Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps