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Damn Coleman


Cap Name:Real Name:Height:Throwing Style:
Damn ColemanDaniel Coleman5'10"Pump Fake Standard Shot
Sex:Date of Birth:Hometown:Entered OACC:
Male7/21/83La Pine, OR12/8/03
Allies:Rivals:W/L/D vs. Rivals:
Y2ZimmerSOB, Inc.-/-/-

An intermittent caps player for the past few years, Damn Coleman has been plagued by inconsistency throughout his career. When he's "on", he's one of the best, but when he's "off", he couldn't hit sand if he fell off a camel. Damn Coleman is an experienced player looking to move his way up the rankings.

Trophy Case:
Caps Championship:World Championship:Tag Team Championships:Hardcore Championship:
Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.Held 0 times.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Caps