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How to Log on to the Server

When you first turn on the computer, you will see a log in screen. Type "student" in the name space and "jeff" in for the password. After you log in you will see this screen:













After you're here, go up to the start bar and click "Go" When you click "Go" you'll see many options. Click "Connect to Server".






After clicking "Connect to Server" this window will come up








Click connect and you'll be asked to type in your name and password. Put you student ID number for name and your birthday for password, then click "Connect". Be sure to include the month, day, and year in your birthday. It should be eight numbers long. For example in you were born November 27, 1991, you would type 11271991.






Next it will ask you to select the volumes to mount . Click on "Staff" then click "OK".










After this a button that says "Staff" will appearon the desktop. The staff folder will also open.



Now you're connected to the server! Yay!