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Magic Red Bio
Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe
"The carrot topped performer was an unpredictable time
bomb with enough six string gimmicks to keep his
performance miles above the norm."
- Michele Ramstetter, The Buffalo News

If you don't know who Magic Red is yet, you will soon. With a
sound and vision completely unique to today's blues scene,
Red is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Fusing styles
that move from Albert Collins to Eddie Van Halen. Red weaves
a seamless web of sheer guts and chops delivering a level of
emotion few musicians approach. To put it simply, this is the
real deal. Grammy nominated blues legend Bobby Rush said,
"I've seen all the greats and this young man is cut from the
same cloth." The papers in Canada promoted Red as "One of
the finest guitarists ever."
On the heels of a 200 date tour in support of the debut CD "The
First Temptation", the band has completed it's second offering,
"Fire & Soul". With a sense of maturity that comes only from
relentless touring, Red with the new band members, Mark
Griffith on drums and E.S. "Moose" Bolés on bass and vocals
have recorded a roller coaster ride of guitar driven blues and
roots rock. The Advocate in Alberta said; "For Blues fans and
people who like to marvel at guitar genius this is worth a look".
The Buffalo News called Red "The epitome of the modern day
blues player". Blues Rocker 2000 said Red is "A powerfully
intense guitarist… world class fretwork." Poised somewhere
between blues and rock sits a very special talent, one that is
destined to rise above the pack.

"If I ever get around to completing the "outstanding CD's over
the years" section I've been intending to add to the magazine
this CD will likely get the US Independent CD category for
-Herm, Electric Blues