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Dino Video, 1991 Island Visual Arts

Photo Credit: Randee St. Nicholas

Running Time: Apprx: 30 min.

Text on Back of Video:
In the past two years, Dino has emerged not only as a major Top 40 artist but also as a creative force in the music world. Dino is one of the few artists in the pop genre to write, arrange, produce and perform his own material. This video compilation contains footage shot by Dino himself, as well as exclusive interview footage and four hit videos including ''I Like It,'' and ''Romeo.''

This video is out of print and EXTREMELY hard to find. I think it's probably the crown jewel in my Dino collection. I was lucky enough to get it at, so if you're interested, I would check there. It is almost never available, but I put it on my wish list, and six months later I had an email in my mailbox letting me know that there was a copy in stock. I think it cost $13--very CHEAP!!

In the coming weeks/months, I will be adding more to this page. I know I want to quote some of the things Dino says in his interviews. I also want to get some stills from the video, but first I have to figure out how to do that. If anyone knows how, please drop me a line (my email address is at the bottom of the page). I'd really appreciate it!

Keep checking back!


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