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Where Is Dino Now?

9/30/01: Just found out that our very own DINO has written (I'm assuming that he wrote the song, since his name is listed next to it, but it could be a producer credit) a song which appears on the Legally Blonde soundtrack. It's called ''Watch Me Shine'' and is sung by Joanna Pacitti. You can check it out at If you click on the song name, you can even hear a clip, so please check it out!

7/01/01: Posted the pictures above, which were very kindly given to me by Les (that's him with Dino in the picture to the right). Les also E-mailed me to tell me that while he was with Dino in his studio, Dino was mixing a song called Wasted Breath, by an artist named Tonya Mitchell. If you go to you can do a search under her name and find Dino in the credits. Dino is also heavily mentioned in the Paul Taylor Homepage, so be sure to check that one out as well. Many thanks again to Les for all the valuable information. :)

6/28/01: Today I found out that Dino is now living in Las Vegas, where he has his own studio. Woohoo! I also have a current picture of Dino, and I will be posting it at the top of this page as soon as I get the okay from the (extremely generous) fan who sent it my way. Until then, check out, which lists some of the more recent behind-the scenes work Dino has been involved in. For instance, according to the site, in 1999 Dino did some remixing on an album called ''Future Sounds of Italy.'' I'll try to acquire the CD ASAP, and when I do, I'll post a link with some info on it.

I'm hoping that this is a sign of future things to come from Dino--hopefully a single or (even better) a NEW CD.

Remember to keep checking back!


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