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Dino Question and Answer Magazine Article

I'm not sure what magazine the above images are from (becaue I got them off eBAY--where else?). This is mostly teeny-bopper magazine filler, but it makes for a nice, quick read (and check out that cow vest!).


Q: How do you like opening up for New Kids on the block?
DINO: I think it's great! I love the audience. They are at a young age so I think they will be with me for at least five years. As long as I grow with them. It has been a great experience and they are great guys. I know them all and we get along great. It's been a great tour!

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?

Q: Would you ever date a fan?
DINO: I'm not into mixing business with pleasure--even if there is something there. But I try to take the situation as it comes. I don't want to rule out the possibility because I'm a real romantic at heart. If it happens with a fan, you know, who's to say that I wouldn't act upon it? You never know.

Q: What do you look for in a girlfriend?
DINO: Honesty is number one with me. Also a sense of humor, an affectionate person. I also like brunettes.

Q: What would be a perfect date?
DINO: At this point in my life a perfect date would be to spend a quiet evening with someone. A nice dinner and a quiet evening alone in some remote place. I am always surrounded by people, so it would be nice to get away with someone!


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