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Dino Merchandise

This is a page where I'm going to include any and all Dino merchandising I come across. So far I only have a Dino trading card from the Pro Set SUPER STARS MusiCards series (see above), but as I acquire new Dino items, I will be including them as well.

In case you can't tilt your head all the way to the right, I'll quote from the back of the card (#41):

Dino was born in Encino, California, and spent much of his youth in Las Vegas, where he performed with a soul vocal quartet called Esquire before launching his own one-man musical enterprise as a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. During 1989, he toured with New Kids On The Block. ''I've always been attracted to soul music and I've always looked toward black artists for inspiration,'' he says. ALBUMS: 24/7 (1989) and Swingin' (1990).


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