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Cheerfully Depressing

The following songs have long been ignored by those of us in the Goth set because they sound bright and cheery or are from sources most people wouldn't expect Gothic music to come from. People, please- something doesn't have to have the melody of a torch song or crawl out of the seemy underground record scene to be Gothic! In the spirit of Gothic as a way of life that accepts death and darkness along with everything else, I present my Un-Goth Song List. This is my collection of songs that seem cheery enough... until you really pay attention to the lyrics. If you have any songs you would like to see added to the list, please please email me the following:
  1. Song Title
  2. Artist's Name
  3. A link to the lyrics
  4. A link to CD
Numbers 3 and 4 are optional, but VERY appreciated! Thank you!

My Favorite Un-Goth Songs
Songs are in the format of--
Artist: Song Title- CD (if available) or source
Link to lyrics (if available)
Link to CD (if available)
Notes (if any are needed)

  1. Norman Blake: You Are My Sunshine- Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
    You Are My Sunshine Lyrics
    Get the CD from
  2. Judy Garland: Get Happy- Judy Garland In Hollywood: Her Greatest Movie Hits - Original Soundtrack Performances 1936-1963
    Get Happy Lyrics
    Get the CD at
  3. Unknown: "The Goldfish Jingle"- N/A (if someone has a CD with this, please email me!)
    The Goldfish Jingle Lyrics
  4. Merilee Rush & The Turnabouts: Angel of the Morning- Girl, Interrupted
    Angel of the Morning Lyrics
    Get the CD at
  5. Skeeter Davis: End of the World- Girl, Interrupted
    End of the World Lyrics
    See the above entry to get the CD
  6. Mai Yamane (vocals) and Yoko Kanno (lyrics/music): The Real Folk Blues- Vitaminless
    The Real Folk Blues Lyrics
    Get the CD at
  7. Emily Bindiger (vocals): A Stray Child- .hack/Sign Original Sound & Song Track 1
    A Stray Child Lyrics
    Get the CD at
  8. Emily Bindiger (vocals): Aura- .hack/Sign Original Sound & Song Track 1
    Aura Lyrics
    See A Stray Child entry for CD
  9. SeeSaw: Obsession- .hack/Sign Original Sound & Song Track 1
    Obsession Lyrics
    See A Stray Child entry for CD
  10. Nobuo Uematsu (composer): One Winged Angel- Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack
    One Winged Angel Lyrics
    This CD is available on but is prohibitively expensive. Check your local game store for a copy under $90.00.
    SPECIAL WEBBE-MISTRESS' NOTE: Yes, this one is in Latin. Why? Because almost all the lyrics are from Carl Orff's opera Carmina Burana. Don't dismiss it, though: it's a powerful song with wonderful orchestrals and amazing vocals!
  11. Diane Michelle: Your Hiroshi- Tenchi Muyo! OST
    Your Hiroshi Lyrics
    Get the CD from
    SPECIAL WEBBE-MISTRESS' NOTE: There are several arguments over who's who in this song. After hearing the song and reading the lyrics over and over, it is my personal belief that the person the singer is speaking of is male, and has dumped his girlfriend for Hiroshi, his new boyfriend.

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