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Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Essex Mountain Sanatorium
The Black Death

We're very lucky...
We live in an age of sterile (ha!) hospitals... Antibiotics... Educated doctors... Microsurgery... Psychological analysis... We have filtered water, pasteurized foods, refrigerators, freeze drying. All sorts of things that, in the end, are designed to keep us healthy and alive until and through genetic reproduction. Mankind has certainly progressed.

Just imagine...
A time when there were no antibiotics... When people fell victim by the hundreds of thousands to infectious diseases. When typhoid fever, tuberculosis, diptheria were as likely as the common cold. When rabies wandered the earth within the bodies of infected dogs... Go back further- remember the Black Death? "Ring Around the Rosie" wasn't just an innocent children's rhyme, it was a catalogue of the Black Plague's symptoms, a way to diagnose patients before they spread the disease.

Back then...
Anything could happen. A big city could be a welcome haven... or a nightmarish death trap, the perfect place for an epidemic to spark. The contents of this section are dedicated to the brave men and women who worked within sanatoriums, the places of quarantine where infectious patients were held for treatment. As I research, I am continually amazed that people actually wanted to work side by side with infected patients. These pages are also a monument to the places themselves, so that we might never forget how fortunate we are today.

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