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Ah, sweet death...
Little Susie took a drink,
But she will drink no more
For what she thought was H2O
Was H2SO4!

Cute rhyme, yes?
Not really. Little Susie won't be drinking again because she's DEAD. H2SO4 is a deadly toxin known to less-scientific types as sulphuric acid. Stuff is odorless, tasteless, and colorless- just like water. (Maybe chemistry is a more exciting career than you thought, no?) In fact, there are several things around us that are completely toxic, not just to the environment, but to pets and ourselves! These are what we call poison. You should stay far far away from them for your own safety and well-being. That being said.... Do you dare explore this section further?

Please, keep in mind this section is to educate. And spook/creep people out slightly, merely because I have a fairly twisted sense of humor. Yes, the Mousie is a little whacked. However, that does not mean she approves of whacking others until they're dead. NO! Bad BooBoo, put down the knife/gun/arsenic/candlestick/air-filled syringe- whatever kids are using these days! IF YOU USE THIS SECTION TO TRY TO KILL SOMEONE, NOT ONLY WILL I SHOW UP IN COURT WITH THIS DISCLAIMER IN HAND, I WILL SMACK YOUR DUMB BUTT UPSIDE THE HEAD MYSELF! You and YOU ALONE are responsible for your actions, and if you choose to use this information in an illegal manner, it's ALL ON YOU. Don't blame me, or Marylin Manson (heehee- '90s pop culture), for your decision to be a freaking numb-nut murderer/murderess.

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