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Oooh, you made that YOURSELF?
Costumes are part of the fun of Halloween! You can be anything or anyone you like for a night, and no one thinks it's out-of-the-ordinary (even if you go as the evil pancake monster from outer space). Making your own costume is a wonderful way to save money... unless you get uber-involved and anal retentive about detail like I do. It's also a fabulous way to make sure your costume is the most unique on the candy circuit- and *everyone* knows that cooler cotumes get better candy. But it can also be pretty dangerous, what with scissors, sewing machines, and hot glue; so, here are some tips to make sure you stay safe! Please feel free to save the list to your hard drive and print it out so that you have a handy checklist ready anytime- most of these tips can be used year-round!

Please Note: The following checklist is (c) 2007 by me. You are allowed to save it to your hard drive or print it for personal use only. (Teachers, please email me for special classroom permissions.) You are not allowed to redistribute this list without written permission. You are required to link back to me if you receive permission to use this list on your site. Using another person's content without permission and claiming it as your own is stealing!

Costuming Safety Tips:

  1. Children under 5 should never handle sharp scissors, rotary cutters, pinking shears, needles, pins, sewing machines, hot glue guns, superglue, or epoxy. EVER.
  2. Children 14 should not use the above without parental supervision.
  3. Hot glue guns should be used on fireproof surfaces with tin foil underneath them to catch drips. Be careful- they aren't called *hot* glue guns for nothing.
  4. Be careful when sewing. Use thimbles if you are handsewing and mind your fingers if you are using a machine. The last thing you need is a finger piercing (no matter how trendy they may be).
  5. Use extreme caution when handling sharp scissors, rotary cutters, X-Acto knives, and the like. Missing bits may make a cool costume, but you'll need them later!
  6. Never allow small children to wrap their heads or necks in fabric or plastic to prevent any choking hazards.
  7. If you are spray-painting/spray-adhesiving anything, be sure to do it outside or in a well ventilated area and make sure to wear a smock, safety glasses, and a face mask.
  8. Children should never be allowed to use spray adhesive or spray paint, or even be allowed access to it.
  9. If using dye instead of a wig, follow the instructions to the letter. For spray dyes, make certain you (or you and the person whose hair you are dyeing) are wearing a smock, safety glasses, and a face mask.
  10. Try to use only non-toxic paints in costumes for small children or pets to prevent emergency room visits.
  11. If your child wants to wear an all-dark costume, make sure you include at least something white or neon colored, or a reflective strip or two. This will help your child be more visible to drivers, and makes them less likely to be hit and injured.
  12. Never EVER use real bladed weapons in costumes. That's just begging for touble. Same goes for guns. If you choose real weapons for your costume, please keep in mind I shall laugh at your stupidity and hope you get arrested- you'd deserve it.
  13. Keep costumes age-appropriate. Your 5-year-old doesn't need to go prancing around looking like a hoochie (although I'm sure sexual predators would enjoy it). Nor does your 8-year-old need to be strutting in a velvet suit talking about how he's gonna pimp-slap some chick if she don't pay what she owe. THEY ARE CHILDREN. Let them be kids for a while! What's wrong with Snow White and the Power Rangers?
  14. Adults... The age-appropriate rule goes for you too! A slinky kitty on a leash with a sugar-daddy is cute for an all-adults party, but if you're taking your kids trick-or-treating, it isn't cool. Choose a nice tame couple's costume if you're going to be around impressionable youngsters for the evening, and save the seductive succubus and irrepressible incubus for behind the bedroom door.

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