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Dead Man's Hand Punch
This creepy fruit drink will spook the living daylights out of party-goers! Plus it's so simple, it's scary!

What You Need:

  • unpowdered silicon surgical gloves
    Note: check your local medical supply store. DO NOT get latex gloves- they won't stand up as well to the sterilization process, and some people suffer latex allergies!
  • large cooking pot of water
  • cooking spoon and tongs
  • paper towels
  • small shoebox
  • rubber bands
  • 1 family-size pack of Lime Jell-O
  • 1/2 gallon "Simply Limeade" brand limeade
  • 1 package each: Kool-Aid orange, Kool-Aid lemonade
  • water per instructions on both Kool-Aid packages
  • sugar per instructions on one Kool-Aid package
  • large punch bowl and ladle

Directions (Dead Man's Hands):
Note: This needs to be done at least 2 days in advance to allow the Jell-O to set and freeze!

Boil the pot of water, then reduce heat to a simmer. Add 2-3 of the silicon surgical gloves and stir for about 5 minutes. Remove the gloves with the tongs, and pat dry with the paper towels. Fill the gloves to just behind the base of the thumb area with Lime Jell-O. Twist the top of each glove and secure it tightly with a rubber band to prevent spills after each is filled, then set them (fingers down) in the shoebox and put them in the fridge. After 12 hours, the Jell-O will be set and you should move the hands to the freezer. Do not take them out until the punch is about to be served.

If you have any Jell-O left, you can set it and serve wedges at the party, or keep it for school lunches and family desserts!

Directions (Punch):
Note: You can do this step just before the party starts.

Make both packages of the Kool-Aid in one punch bowl according to the directions, with the exception of halving the sugar. Add the "Simply Limeade" and stir. Just before the party starts, take the hands out of the freezer, run them under a little hot water to loosen them, and remove the glove "mold"- you may need scissors to cut the molds off. Plop the hands in the punch as spooky Jell-O ice cubes, and serve!

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