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It's Halloween!
If you're a parent, Halloween is one of the times you get scared pooless about your kids... and with good reason! What with all the stories about Satanic cults sacrificing black cats (even though the Church of Satan publicly frowns on it), worries about kidnappings, rumors of razors in the apples and arsenic in the homemade Rice Krispy Treats... I get worried about the little people in my life, too, and technically one isn't so little anymore and neither of them are mine! Therefore, I have created this safety guide for all the parents and almost-parents out there (click on the links to the left for the safety tips you're interested in).

This is simply a collection of what I have learned in all my years of trick-or-treating on the mean streets of Southern California, hosting or helping with haunted houses and Halloween parties, and just basic common sense! I hope it helps make your Halloween less stressful for you, safer for your little ones, and more fun for the entire family. Please feel free to save them to your hard drive and print them out so that you have a handy checklist ready anytime- most of these tips can be used year-round!

Please Note: The following checklists are (c) 2007 by me. You are allowed to save them to your hard drive or print them for personal use only. (Teachers, please email me for special classroom permissions.) You are not allowed to redistribute these lists without written permission. You are required to link back to me if you receive permission to use these lists on your site. Using another person's content without permission and claiming it as your own is stealing!

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