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All Hallow's Eve
What holiday could possibly loom larger in Gothic life than Halloween? It's certainly your humble Webbe-Mistress' favorite! I mean, it's the one day a year where we subversive types are normal (and the normies are freaks!) and it's definitely the coolest holiday of them all... Even with the invasion of "pink" costumes. (You know, the adorable ones.... Like "Debbie the Pep-Squad Leader" and "Robbie the Friendly Puppy" and "Becky the Teacher's Pet". YUCK!) For all the influx of nice faeries, high-school losers with curly blonde hair, and pastel-purple punkers, it's still the rockinest celebration around! So, why not learn more about it?

Some of the following sections have to do with cooking and crafts. As kid-friendly as I've tried to make this section of the site, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PARENTAL SUPERVISION AND INVOLVEMENT! Please, keep a close eye on your children while cooking, sewing, or using sharp objects, hot glue, superglue, etc. Children under the age of five should not be involved in any of the actual assembly because of the higher chances they can get hurt, but never fear! You can involve them and make them feel like they are a part of the activities by having them sit at a safe distance and asking them questions about what you are doing or having them get you things like cup measures, canned goods, and spoons.

Some and/or all of the following links may contain imagery of the Gothic lifestyle you don't want your children seeing. It is guaranteed that some of the following links contain profane language. I am pleased that you are encouraging your children to find their own voice... but please PLEASE be responsible and supervise children under the age of 16 to ensure their Internet experience continues to be both fun and safe!

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