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Mmmm! ...Brains?
Appetizers have got to be the best party foods on the planet! Think about it... in general appetizers are finger-food sized bursts of flavor that are easily prepared and shareable. In a party environment, who could ask for anything more? (Except maybe starlight and sweet dreams? *wink*)

Simply look to the original recipes below, and be "whisked" away to creepy-crawly culinary creations! (Notice: All recipes are [c] 2006 to me. You are in no way allowed to redistribute these recipes and may not use them for any commercial purpose without written permission.)

These recipes are as kid-friendly as possible, but THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PARENTAL SUPERVISION AND INVOLVEMENT! Please, keep a close eye on your children while cooking. Make sure they don't go near the stove, hot plates, sharp knives or other dangerous cooking utensils like mandolines, microplanes, graters, veggie peelers, etc. Children under the age of five should not be involved in any of the cooking because of the higher chances they can get hurt, but never fear! You can involve them and make them feel like they are a part of the activities by having them sit at a safe distance and asking them questions about what you are doing or having them get you things like cup measures, canned goods, and spoons.

Some and/or all of the following links may contain imagery of the Gothic lifestyle you don't want your children seeing. It is guaranteed that some of the following links contain profane language. I am pleased that you are encouraging your children to find their own voice... but please PLEASE be responsible and supervise children under the age of 16 to ensure their Internet experience continues to be both fun and safe!

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