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Ask Melvin!
Wednesday, 2 April 2008
Wow! My 1st letter from a boy!
Mood:  celebratory

I'm so excited!  Today I got my first letter from a boy, and I'm so happy I'm going to post it and answer it right now!


how many languages do you speak?


Well, Jamal, I only speak one- Rabbitish.  It's the only one that my little bunny vocal chords can handle.  But I understand it as well as English, a little French, a little Italian, some American Sign Language, and some words that no bunny should have ever heard in Japanese (no thanks to Mousie).

I'm always interested in understanding new languages, though, so if you can think of any for me to learn please suggest them!

Love & Carrots;

Posted by Melvin Bunny at 10:03 AM PDT
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Wednesday, 26 March 2008
What is your favorite food?

In an email I got from a young lady named Jenny, she writes:


Whats ur fave food?  I like mac&cheese in the blue box.  I would live on it, but dad don't let me do it.  Would u live on ur fave food if u were allowed?

luv Jenny"

Well, Jenny- obviously, being a rabbity sort of creature, I adore carrots above all else!  But I wouldn't just live on carrots all the time, and your dad is a very smart person if he won't let you live on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.  Mac & Cheese doesn't have enough nutrients for growing girls, just like carrots don't have all the right things for a bunny like me to stay healthy!  Plus, if you eat nothing but your favorite food all the time, you get pretty bored with it.  I once lived on carrots for a month, and by the end of it I couldn't even look at a carrot without feeling sick!  Mousie was nice enough not to say, "I told you so"- even though she kept offering me carrot chunks and giggling when I looked queasy.  Your dad has really good reasons for feeding you what he does- he wants you to grow up to be your best!  Say thank you to him the next time he cooks dinner, and if it has carrots in it invite me over!

Love & Carrots;


Posted by Melvin Bunny at 4:27 PM PDT
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Saturday, 15 December 2007
How did you and Mousie meet?

Wow!  What a great question!  Thank you, Sandy (you know who you are Laughing)!

Honestly...  I can't remember too much of it.  I was a very young bunnykin, and I couldn't see very well.  I had lots of brothers and sisters, and we would all play together and sleep together, and every once in a while one of them would get cooed at by this giant blobby thing, and disappear.  I remember being cooed at a few times myself, but I always ran and hid before I could get grabbed...  But one day I was woken from a sound nap in my comfy sawdust!

These two big paw-like things grabbed me, and I was stuffed into a dark house with little holes around the inside.  I was bumped a couple of times, but this voice always said "Sorry baby!" and then a worm-ish thing came in through a hole and petted my ears.  We were moving really fast after that, and then a couple more bumps...  But then I got let out of the dark house and was being cuddled by one of the giant blobs I had always hidden from.  It really was rather pleasant, but my mother always said I was a squirmy little investigator, and it's true.

I couldn't sit still at all, and went climbing the blob.  I found a nice, sweet-smelling golden nest at the top of the blob and decided I wanted to stay there, and the blob was giggling the whole time so I figured she wouldn't mind.  Once I got used to everything, she introduced herself as Mousie, and I said that my name was Melvin; we've been together ever since!

Love & Carrots;

Posted by Melvin Bunny at 10:05 PM PST
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Tuesday, 18 September 2007
My Dear Grand-bunny

This one came from Mousie's mom, my gramma!  She asked Mousie what color my tail was...  but neither Mousie nor I had a clue!  So, I posed delicately and had Mousie take a shot of my butt....  Turns out my tail is red!  See?

Love & Carrots,

Posted by Melvin Bunny at 1:23 PM PDT
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Sunday, 9 September 2007
My Dearest Melvin...

Mousie's friend that she's marrying in October on wrote to me with a very pressing question, since I am officiating the ceremony.  She writes:

"Thank you soo much for agreeing to oversee the wedding between Mousie and I. It means a lot to me. However, it leaves me wondering just what to expect.
So, I must ask you, what are your credentials in the body of work that is Headrabbit Ministry?"

This is a very important concern, and I want to address it right away!  This will be my first ceremony in Headrabbit Ministry.  I've never done this before.  I'm not an ordained priest-bunny.  However, I have sat on the head of many a wedding attendee, and didn't fall asleep too often...  So, I'm fairly confident in my abilities to conduct a mostly accurate ceremony that you will never forget.  Never fear!  It'll be AWESOME!

*self-satisfied squeaks and nose-twitchies*

She wrote back:

"Thank you muchly! And I do not fear; despite your blatant lack of experience, I still have great faith in you. :)"

To which, of course, the only answer is...  I know!  I tend to inspire that feeling in others, along with strong emotions they themselves don't understand.

That's it for today!  Remember, if anyone out there has a question, just email me and I'll answer!  (Just remember to read the guidelines first!)

Love & Carrots,

Posted by Melvin Bunny at 5:13 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 2 April 2008 10:09 AM PDT
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