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Terms and Conditions of Emailing Melvin and Our Privacy Policy

This is our page of Legal Stuff. It may seem unnecessary to you, but it's the kevlar pants that shall save our collective tushies from the fires of lawsuit purgatory. Bear with us, this is all just a part of making sure your experience with us is the best possible!

Parents: Some sections of this website may contain imagery of the Gothic lifestyle you don't want your children seeing. It is guaranteed that some of the following links contain profane language. I am pleased that you are encouraging your children to find their own voice... but please PLEASE be responsible and supervise children under the age of 16 to ensure their Internet experience continues to be both fun and safe!

Emailing Melvin is an expression of consent to sending him (and me, since I have to do the typing for him) personal information about yourself, and also permission to use your questions, comments, etc. in our owned content under the Dead Pleasures brand and the Mind o' Mousie website. If you are under the age of 18, please do not email Melvin without parental and/or legal guardian permission to ensure that you stay safe! Melvin and I will not keep any email addresses past the time of reply, nor will we use anyone's email address, name, or any other identifying features in our blogs, website, or any other content that we own. Your internet privacy is of great concern to us, and we want to keep your information secure!

There are things that Melvin and I will not accept: spam in any form; pornographic content; profanity; images of yourself, other people, pets (with exception to pictures of pet rabbits only), identifying locations such as street signs or houses with a clear view of the address, and copyrighted/trademarked images of any sort; identifying information beyond what is contained in an ordinary email header (i.e. home addresses and telephone numbers); solicitations of any kind. Sending of anything violating these terms gives us leave to break previously stated privacy policies in order to add your name to our blocked list indefinately.

By emailing Melvin you accept these terms and conditions as they are now and as they might appear in the future. Mousie, Melvin, the Dead Pleasures brand, and the Mind o' Mousie are not responsible for your decision to email Melvin. If you do so, you are in complete understanding that we will have access to your personal email information and that we will not sell or keep said information, with the exception of adding violators of policy to our blocked list. In addition, those under the age of 18 who email Melvin without the express consent of parents and/or legal guardians do so of their own free will without solicitation on our part, and we are not responsible for those actions.

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