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Help! I'm New!

So you're a noob- don't panic, I used to be one too, way back in October 2005. I was clueless, and there weren't many people willing to help. That hasn't changed much, I've noticed, but hey- just because most people don't want to help doesn't mean that everyone thinks like that! Mousie to the rescue! The following are questions I've gotten from noobs like you, or questions I had myself when I was a noob that I really needed answered.... I hope they help you!

Parents: Some and/or all of the following links may contain imagery of the Gothic lifestyle you don't want your children seeing. It is guaranteed that some of the following links contain profane language. I am pleased that you are encouraging your children to find their own voice... but please PLEASE be responsible and supervise children under the age of 16 to ensure their Internet experience continues to be both fun and safe!

Please be advised the IMVU name, along with all associated trademarks, slogans, etc, are property of and the connected company to whom said website and programs belong. All rights are reserved to them, and I have no legal authority over their affairs. I am not acting in these pages on behalf of the aforementioned company, my expressed opinions are not theirs, and I am not being paid to advertise them. This site is simply things I have discovered and/or created while using said website and programs, available on from their parent corporation. Thank you!

Basic IMVU Issues

Q) It pops up with that stupid tutorial window every time I log in, even though I've chatted a couple times already. I *hate* that stupid thing, can't I get rid of it?
A) Nope, sorry- it's a built in part of the IMVU program. Unless you're some kind of computer genius (and even then it's probably illegal and I don't recommend it), you're just gonna have to live with it like the rest of us...
-----Update 7/15/2007: IMVU has gotten rid of this on their own... Yay! Now the first thing that will pop up is the "My First Room". If you like Andy Warhol, this is the room for you. If not- get some creds and buy furniture ASAP!-----

Q) I can't do all the moves that everyone else can. Why not?
A) Well, IMVU has three types of moves- normal, buddy, and restricted. You can do the normal ones with everyone, no matter what. The buddy moves can only be performed with someone who you're buddies with (these ones have a little yellow smiley next to them). The restricted moves can only be done if you're over 18, have an access pass, and the other person has one too (these ones have the little pink devil-with-a-keyhole icon next to them).
-----Update 7/15/2007: IMVU has added the VIP club. This club is something you pay for monthly, and you get special moves in the chat with this as well. Again, you can do these moves with anyone, but non-VIP members won't see them.-----

Q) Why can I only do the restricted moves if both people have an access pass?
A) Well, duh! Access passes can only be held by people above the age of legal adulthood in the US (age 18). This way, minors don't get molested via-cyberspace and their parents can allow them to enjoy the little universe that is IMVU, and IMVU doesn't have to worry about some kid's parents suing them for negligence or anything. Not to mention some people who are legal just won't buy an access pass so that they don't have to put up with those who force the restricted access moves on others. As with everything, there is a reason!

Q) I just bought a really cool shirt, and I want to wear it, but I can't find it in my inventory!
A) IMVU actually reminds you about this in several places, but in case you clicked out of the place they remind you from.... All you have to do is refresh your inventory. There's a button on the Inventory page of your IMVU Messenger Window- you know, that big long thing where all your buddies and items are listed. Click the refresh button (see the below highlighted pic), then try looking again.

Q) I want a really neat homepage, how can I get one?
A) Simple! I love you already, so just click here to be taken to my tutorial on cool HPs & how to get one!

Q) A/S/L?
A) I personally find this question annoying as all get-out. Makes me madder than a washing machine full of cats. Many other people I know also dislike this question, so honestly, the best thing to do is NOT ASK! Go to the home page of the person you're chatting with, it's all there next to their avatar picture. If they've covered it with a sticker or have otherwise hidden their information, ask them politely. And try to do it one question at a time, it's just more polite than firing off a bunch of letters at them!

Q) Stickers! Love them! They look awesome on other people's pages but I don't know how to work them... Help me, please?
A) No problem. You have a sticker panel on your home page. All you have to do is click, hold, drag the thing where you want it, then let go. Poof! Sticker! That being said- try to only purchase and display original stickers... If you've seen it on a thousand MySpace icons, Photobucket accounts, Flickr spots, etc. and/or know for a fact it's a famous/copyrighted character... Well, chances are it's STOLEN WORK! IMVU frowns very heavily on stolen copyrights, and it is in violation of the TOS. So, the best thing to do is simply not support internet theiving, and buy original stickers. In fact, I have tons of them HERE, AND HERE, AND ONE HERE. So please, even if you don't buy from me, make sure what you DO buy is 100% original artwork!

More questions and answers will be added as I get them. Please feel free to email me (see the link table to the right) if you have any questions!

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