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Exciting stuff about me!
World Challenge Expedition
Have you found your inner llama?

Welcome to my humble abode!

Hi there!

You are now entering the realm of all things mongoose, llama, platypus and Squishy related *nods* hmm....

This is just a site I've created with some of my  interests on it (and a few obsessions...), just because I've always wanted a website, really - and I've actually got around to it - quite impressive considering I got the space nearly 3 years ago now...

So, here it is

It includes, variously:

  • Random facts about me that you never really wanted to know
  • My complete obsession with the most amazing theatre troupe in the world - namely, the Reduced Shakespeare Company - Reduced, not Royal... Reduced.
  • Info about the World Challenge Expedition I'm going on this year to Honduras (now have gone on...), and all things related
  • Gap year plans and stuff - travel info generally...
  • Music/theatre stuff - when I get around to it
  • Anything that I've forgotten that I've put on that you might randomly come across - like llamas for example. Yes.

Under Construction...

However, as you'll notice if you actually go anywhere on the site - I haven't managed to finish it yet....  after A-Levels - then I will actually finish it (bear in mind that I said that about GCSEs and AS Levels... but I'm having a gap year so I may actually find time ...I'm sure it will become of the utmost importance and interest when I try to revise though.... anyway... Pigs might fly...well, it's a possibility ;o) 

The choices we make, not the chances we take, determine our destiny