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The Vogt Collection of Place Value Names

All place values are a repitition of the three names: one, ten, and hundred. The first three places (from the decimal - moving left)being only called by those names: the ones, the tens, and the hundreds. However, each set of three place values after that also have a group name (sort of like a last name) with the first group being the thousands (so the three place values, again moving left, are the {one} thousands, the ten thousands, and the hundred thousands. So, place values are really easy to remember if you just learn the group names. Then you just follow the repitition of ones - tens - hundreds (so you would have ONE "group name", TEN "group name", and HUNDRED "group name" and then start the repition over with the next group name).

Group Names for the Larger Place Values

vogt help sheet #1