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This is the Home Page of Mohit Garg


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About me ;-)

Hi there! Thanx for visiting my home page. Hope you will find it interesting and informative.

I am Mohit Garg. I am a Software engineer and specialize in Communications/Networking Software.

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My Work

I work as a Software Engineer for NEC USA. Before joining NEC I worked at Future Software , Madras

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My Education

I was born and brought up in Delhi, India. I did my schooling from Ramjas School, R. K. Puram and graduated with Bachelors in Engineeering from Delhi Institute of technology.

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Personal Interests

I enjoy everything from movies to parties, anything that is full of life. Tho' in music my taste is very sobre and sombre' I like easy listening, mainly instrumental, country and ghazals. In a different vein I also like hindi pop songs and some selective new hindi movie songs too... I love cars, and aspire to own a Ferrari someday. Here are a few of my favourite car photos.

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Get in Touch

Email me at 

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Cool Links

Here are some links that you may find useful.



 Cars (buying/selling/reviews)

 Technical Links


  Programming Links

  Technology White Papers

  Web Technology Links

 Technical Reports,Publications from Journals and Online ComputerMagazines URLs

 Network Management URLs

 Links back to India

Cool car links

Here are a few useful car links where you can find info about selling, buying and reviewing cars.

Here are some of my favourite car photographs.

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Technical Links



UNIX man pages

UNIX Reference Desk

Introduction to Unix

Unix Guru Universe

Introduction to the UNIX Operating System

Unix System Administration

Linux Applications and Utilities Page - Programming


  Programming URLs

Source Code Archive

KarLand International

Other C/C++ Resources (Internet Resources for Windows Developers)

C/C++ Tutorials

Programming in C(Dave Marshall)

Source Code Archives

FTP Listing of /pub/algorithms/c/ at

C PROGRAMMING resources from Nerd World Media

C Source Code

C/C++ Tutorials

DevCentral Learning Center

Home of Kazlib

C Programming(A good one)


Bob Stout's SNIPPETS

Matt's Script Archive

Tutorial & Help classes

C++ Annotations Ver 4.4

ACCU - C Resources


Other Sources on C and C++

A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C

HTML Station--Welcome

HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

HTML Resource Index

C Language Tutorial

SoftPanorama C links -

Data Structures Course Material

Beej's Guide to Network Programming


 Technology white papers

White papers on latest and emerging technologies - answers for IT professionals

Technical Guide

Prentice Hall: Professional Technical Reference

The Java Developer Archive: How Do I...

Web Master Reference Library

Dr. Dobbs Journal, Source Code

Free -


 Web technology

HTML Goodies


Java Repository:Resource Collection for Java Programmers

Programmer's source : Java Resource

Web Publishing Examples

Java Script World

Java Prog.Resources

Programmer's Heaven

Thinking In Java(Free Download of the whole book)

Java Developer Connection:Articles

Java Docs & Training

Java World

EEVL -Browse Resources

Alpha Search -"Gateway" to the Academic Web

The Research Institute for Computing and Information System

Study Web


 Technical Reports,Publications from Journals and Online ComputerMagazines URLs

Java'98 Workshop Advance Program

Java Workshop Special Issue Submitted Papers

Technical Reports, Computer Science, UCSB

World Wide Web Conferences

UMKC - CST - Technical Support

Web caching bibliography

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies

ACM Digital Library Table of Contents

IEEE Internet Computing :

Computer Networks and ISDN Systems :

Windows Developer Journal :

Windows NT FAQ :

Journal of Network and Compter Applications :

International Journal of Network Management :

Internet Week :

Express Computer :

Visual C++ Develper's Journal :

Microprocessor report :

ORACLE magazine :

Byte Magazine :

Java World :

Web Reference :

PC Computing :

Computer World :

Sun World Online :

Datamation :

Data Communications Magazine :

Dr.Dobb's Journal : http://www.ddj.comLinux Journal :

Web Developer :

Windows NT Magazine :

Web techniques :

Network Computing :

Network Magazine :

Java Pro :

University of Stanford(EE/CS Mother site

bookmarks on Mobile Computing : l

Some more pointers to Mobile Computing :

IEEE Communications Society :

IEEE Computer Society :

Windows NT Internals :


  Network Management URLs

Simple Times magazine :

International Journal of Network Management Home page :

Network Management resource database :

SNMP research: http://www.snmp.com5.Network Management consortium :

Network Management Resource site :

University of Twente,Netherlands home pa

Java Based Network Management :

RFCs related to Network Management :

Network Management White paper:

MIBs for any SNMP device:

Network Management Forum :


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Links to India

  Write letters on this site, and the letters get mailed to the receipient automatically, pretty useful.

  Send cards, gifts, bouquets to people in India

  Indian Magazines and newspapers

  online magazine :

  Desi search engine, free email

  Immigration lawyer site, pretty useful info on visa

  online magazine :

  Indians online (Home pages of celebrities, politicians, artists and lot of personal pages)

   NRIs online

   Desi Cricket site


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  My favourite Car Photos


  The New Toyota Celica



  BMW 323


  Acura 3.2 TL


  Audi A6


  Lexus RX300


  Mitsubishi 3000GT


  Mitsubishi Eclipse


  Toyota Spider MR2









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