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BIOGRAPHY (facts, figures, hype & hearsay)

Andrew Alexander--Guitar, Vocals, Bass & Keyboards
Roy Arismendez--Guitar, Vocals & Percussion
PO Box 690173
Houston, TX 77269-0173

As a classic rock, singer/ songwriter duo, Andrew Alexander and Roy Arismendez formed "No Idea" in 1998. Playing steadily in Houston, and SE Texas the band covered rock and roll history from its roots in the 1950's, to the "British Invasion" of the 60's, and the American legends of the 70's and 80's. The name change to "Mission" was born in 2000 as their original songs were added to the set list. Depending on venue size and audience requirements, Mission set lists range from a more mellow, all acoustic set, to a loud, driving all electric set (or any combination of the two!). Using digital technology for accompaniment, or adding friends to play as a quartet, the "Mission" is to please the crowd!! Professional, on time and in tune!!!! Mission is currently working on their first studio album and statewide tour...see ya on the road!