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Full Name: Tyler Hentschel

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Douglas, Hospital

Place of Residence: Roseburg, Oregon

Nick Names: Yeltzen, Ty, Sunshine, Charles, Smiley, Ty-Ty

Skill: guitar

Relationship Status: single, my turn on's are...I'm not gonna tell you that

Hobbies: draw, play guitar, anime, my bike, jogging at night

Job: Courtesy Clerk (piss on)

Favorite Bands: Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Zao, Weezer, Havalina Rail Company, The Beldings, The Beatles

Favorite Miles Song: I Still Wanna Play

Bands past present: Tyler Hentschel Band/Insomniac Folklore, Mindset, the Covers, Nopogram, the Thumbtax, Miles Mouth Guard