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Been busy. In the mean time, only three successes have came in. First, Jon Garland c/o ST - 2/3 cards. Took 23 days. Next, Jose Contreras c/o ST - 2/3 cards. Took 12 days and he didn't return the other card. Last, Mark Buehrle c/o ST - 3/3 cards. It took 15 days. Looks like the World Champion White Sox still have some class-act signers on there. I'm 8/29 so far this ST. Not as good as I hoped it would be, but hopefully some more will come in soon. Scans will be up sometime, when I have some time to try and fix my scanner.

On another note, I was wondering if anyone out there was doing 50/50's this season? If so, email me telling me what games you'll be attending and stuff. I, unfortunatly, don't have any ballparks around here except for independent league teams, so I can't get much IP stuff. My email is at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading!

One more ST success - Kris Benson in 18 days c/o Orioles ST. 3/3 cards in blue Sharpie. Very nice. Scans added sometime this weekend, since I'm not that busy. I have also received a couple fan packs. The best one was from the Royals, who sent me two pocket schedules, ticket info, fan club info, and a 05 Royals team set of cards (great for autographs!). Awesome day in the mail. I also stopped at KMart and saw a $10 box of 06 Topps and a $20 box of 05 Bowman Heritage and could not resist. I got a bunch of great cards which will be perfect for sending out for autographs. I also pulled an auto in the Bowman Heritage of prospect Matt Green. It's a pretty nice card and I was overall very happy with both boxes. Hopefully you all have been having better ST success than me (although I haven't been seeing many successes on other sites either). Thanks for reading.

One success today - A.J. Burnett in 12 days c/o Blue Jays ST. He signed 3/3 cards in black Sharpie. One smeared a tiny bit and another was bubbly, but I am still pretty happy to get it back. Scans up sometime this week (I'm really busy with school and sports). I also received a bunch of autopenned/preprinted photos of celebs, such as Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Kaley Cuoco, Ben Stiller, Elisha Cuthbert and a few others. Thanks for reading.

Another return today - Kyle Farnsworth in 12 days c/o Yankees ST. He signed 3/3 cards for me. Scans will be up later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

First returns from ST came in today. One card signed by David Wright in 10 days c/o Mets ST and one card signed by Jason Jennings in 10 days c/o Rockies ST. Very happy to receive these back, hopefully more will come in tomorrow! Scans will be up over the weekend latest - I am very busy. Thanks for reading!

Nothing today. I don't expect anything to come in until at least the middle of this week. I am on the verge of sending out another batch of letters to spring training. I'm not completely finished when it comes to moving the site over but it will get done eventually. Thanks for reading.

I sent out nine requests today to spring training. More will be out soon! I'm still in the process of moving all the stuff over to angelfire but it should be all complete by tonight. I really like angelfire, it's much easier than freewebs. Thanks for reading.

Welcome to MG's Auto's By Mail. New and improved! I decided to move over to Angelfire, mainly because I'm sick and tired of hasseling with Free Webs' awful page-editing process. Anyway, spring training requests are soon to be out. Thanks for reading.

My site is dedicated to the hobby of collecting autographs through the mail. I started in 2001 and have been on and off from then on. I hope you enjoyed your visit - please come back again soon!

Created on December 31, 2003