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Custom presets


Record Me - this one uses the "Line 6 Treadplate" model. The reason I like it is because it's saturated enough to do heavy palm mutes, but all the notes still ring clear if you play a full chord. I find that it is an Opeth-like tone in that sense.

Palm Mute Me - impossible to muddy up with palm mutes.

Insane Boost - Strange sounding on its own with a lot of room added. Solid in a mix.

Diabolic's Tone - I didn't make this one, but it's an awesome aggressive metal tone.

Angel of Death - No, it's not based on the Slayer song. It's a rhythm patch based on the "Angel P-Ball" model. Turn on the delay and I like the sound for leads.

Metal Ending - I made this patch specifically for the ending single note riff of "Human Sickness." If you turn off all the effects and just leave on the amp model, it's a decent rhythm sound with Big Bottom.

Meshuggah - Yeah, the name says it all. Tune your low E to some ridiculously low note and play weird rhythms. It is pretty similar to their "Nothing" tone.

Asylum - Based on Lunatic model. This one is good for recording, it has a lot of mids and has a nice bite.

Certain Death - Bogner from hell.


Saturate - Great lead sound for medium-speed hard/80s rock.

Lead the Way - Diezel .

Soaring Solo - Let it rip.

Solodano - Soldano solo patch.

Soundtrack Lead - Very responsive to your picking strength. This was designed with hot pickups, so you may need to turn down the sensitivity to open up the sound a little more. Experiment with soft to hard picking.

Overdrive - This one, like "One Channel Amp," covers it all. Clean to heavy to solos. Just use the stomp, mod, delay, and volume knob. Designed for humbucker guitars.

Warm Extreme Rock - uses Spinal Puppet model. Great warm, thick distorted sound. Sounds good no matter what.

Cranked AC30 - Pretty simple. Almost everything is cranked. I just went and did it. Sounds pretty cool with both a Strat and a Les Paul-style.

One Channel Amp - This one has great dynamics. Designed with a Strat. Stomp gives you a boost, mod gives you tremolo, delay gives you a good solo delay. And rolling back the volume knob cleans it up.

Vox - Just what you might expect. Very nice clean sound with single coils, a little bit of crunch with buckers. I find myself going back to this for clean melodies with a Strat.