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Originally planned as a full-length film, The Master was intended to give gamers the movie they deserved.  It was inspired in part as a parody of Nintendo's 1989 movie, The Wizard.  Nintendo's movie was regarded by some as "family fun" and a cheap marketing gimmick by others.  In the summer of 2002, production of The Master began.
Unfortunately, obstacles quickly began to mount. Difficulties with schedules, actor availability, and location dilemmas, quickly began to take their toll. Shooting schedules weren't met as much as they needed, and less and less time became available to shoot once the summer ended.  Perhaps the final nail in the coffin was young Evan Zero's (Jimmy Lee) passage of puberty, which would render much of the old footage useless in regard to presenting any competent kind of feature (well, unless Jimmy Lee had eaten a mushroom in the movie to make him become "Super").
What is being presented here is a 30-minute feature of what was shot and a testament to the movie that could have been. We invite you to come along for the adventure and watch Jimmy Lee battle to regain his fabled gaming skills, deal with the loss of a dear friend, and see if he has what it takes to become "the Master."
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   Home         Story         Faq             Download the Movie          TerroristsAccusations?         Credits