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Electric Poems - Mascott
Electric Poems

Mascott's first record. Five song EP released on Le Grand Magistery.

Total run time: 15:29

Track listing:
1. Eyes4:05
2. Waiting Awhile3:43
3. Dead End Romeo-----1:43
4. Sundown2:40
5. Baby, Go Away3:18

Follow the Sound - Mascott
Follow the Sound

Mascott's second release. This is her first full-length record.

Total run time: 43:10

Track listing:
11. Follow the Sound4:55
12. Keeper of Secrets4:10
13. The Rays2:55
14. History, As Planned4:20
15. The Bells of Night4:17
16. Costume Ball3:38
17. Birds That Cannot Fly-----4:59
18. Weight of the World *4:41
19. Yellow Room4:40
10. I Really Wanted You ** 4:35
000 * written by Judson Ehrbar
000 ** written by Steve Tilson

Limited edition "white vinyl" also available.
Contains the same tracks as the CD version.

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