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  • July 28, 2001--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Bel Air, Maryland with an announced crowd of 551: Julio Dinero b Chad Bowman, Qenaan Creed b Marcus Jordan, Gillberg b Dino Devine, Billy Redwood b 2 Dope, Bruiser b Redwood, Alexis Laree b Tara, Holy Rollers b Christian York & Joey Matthews and Ronnie Zukko & Romeo Valentino in a 3-WAY to retain the Tag Team titles, Adam Flash b Jimmy Cicero to retain the Heavyweight title, Crowbar b Steven Richards. Richards was a late sub for Jimmy Snuka.

  • January 30, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling drew an estimated 1,200 last night for a TV taping and presented a Memorial Award with Christian York & Joey Matthews accepting on behalf of the late Russ Haas. Backseat Boys won three-team elimination over Holy Rollers and Danny Doring & Chris Chetti, Julio Dinero b Billy Redwood, Romeo Valentino b Ronnie Zukko, York & Matthews & Jimmy Cicero b Chad Bowman & Dino Divine & Kelly Bell, Qenaan Creed won three-way over Joel Maximo and Red (Jose Maximo out of action with a blown knee from the weekend), Marcus Jordan b Doug Delicious, Orlando Jordan b Bruiser-DQ, Adam Flash b Eddy Guerrero in 16:00. Said to be the best Flash has ever looked, probably due at least in part to his opponent. Orlando Jordan has been spending time in Miami training with Rock

  • February 16, 2002--Maryland Championship wrestling in Harrington, DE for a TV taping: Marcus Jordan b Joey Matthews to keep TV title, Qenaan Creed b Ronnie Zukko to keep cruiserweight title, Adam Flash b Julio Dinero, Red b Romeo Valentino, Chad Bowman & Dino Divine b Cowboy & Van Hammer, Head Banger Mosh b Genesis, Christian York & Joey Matthews & 2 Dope & Sydeswype b Holly Rollers & Doug Delicious & Marcus Jordan, Chris Chetti & Danny Doring won three-way over Joel & Jose Maximo and Mark & Jay Briscoe, Tara b Alexis Laree, Bruiser b Orlando Jordan to regain MCW heavyweight title, Ihup Khamals (nice name) won rookie Battle Royal. . . SATs were double booked last night, so no-showed the USA Pro show in Deer Park, NY

  • March 27, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling before a whopping 1,659 fans in Glen Burnie, MD: Red b Qenaan Creed to win cruiserweight title, Genesis b Julio Dinero, Ronnie Zukko b Quiet Storm, Christian York & Joey Matthews b Backseat Boyz, Holy Rollers b Danny Doring in handicap match, Ghetto Mafia b Models Inc., Romeo Valentino won three-way over Joel and Jose Maximo, Bruiser b Adam Flash, Gillberg & Steve Wilkos (security guy from Jerry Springer) b Chad & Dino Divine.

  • April 20, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Harrington, DE for a TV taping: Julio Diner b Quiet Storm, Danny Doring b Genesis, Marcus Jordan b Romeo Valentino to keep TV title, Christian York & Joey Matthews won four-way over Backseat Boys, Holy Rollers and Ghetto Mafia to keep tag titles, Red b Qeenan Creed in ladder match to keep cruiserweight title, Jose & Joel Maximo b Mark & Jay Briscoe, Bruiser b Adam Flash to keep MCW title.

  • May 22, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD for a TV taping for Rage TV before 550 to 1,200 fans (well, that was the range sent in from various reports): Chris Chetti & Danny Doring b Ramblin Rich & Earl the Pearl, Adam Flash b Julio Dinero, Joel & Jose Maximo b Chris Divine & Quiet Storm, Red b Qenaan Creed, Romeo Valentino b Marcus Jordan to win TV title, Dino & Chad b Joey Matthews & Christian York to win MCW tag titles, Ronnie Zukko won Bunkhouse Stampede to win title shot later in the show, Tara b Sherri Martel, Ricky Morton & Joey Matthews & Christian York b Earl the Pearl & Ramblin Rich & Genesis, Bruiser NC Shane Douglas with Ricky Steamboat as ref. Both former WCW tag champs attacked Bruiser and the locker room broke it up. They honored Martel, Steamboat, Morton and Bobby Eaton at the show.

  • June 21, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling as part of a show in conjunction with the release of their music CD: Genesis b 2 Dope, Romeo Valentino b Qenaan Creed, Chad & Dino b Ramblin Rich & Genesis, Bruiser b Ronnie Zukko, Kelly Bell b Valentino.

  • July 17, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling's Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup in Glen Burnie, MD before about 650 fans: Xavier b Quenaan Creed, Adam Flash b Johnny Kashmere, Reckless Youth b Danimal (Danny from Tough Enough 2), Trent Acid b Nick Berk, Red b Quiet Storm, Chad & Dino retained MCW tag titles over Jose & Joel Maximo, Danny Doring b Christian York to keep Florida title, Romeo Valentino & Candie b Ronnie Zukko & Tara, Bruiser b Chris Chetti to keep MCW title, Reckless Youth won a six-man elimination match over Red, Acid, Xavier, Adam Flash and Joey Matthews (last year's winner) to take the Cup (came down to Red and Youth). They aired a lot of footage of Brian Hauser, who worked for the group as Shane Shamrock.

  • September 18, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling before about 425 fans: Romeo Valentino b Kelly Bell, Church & Genesis b Qenaan Creed & Brock Singleton, Alexis Laree & Julio Dinero b Adam Flash in a handicap match, Doug Delicious & Sydeswype b 2 Dope & Ronnie Zukko, Candi b Angela, Holy Rollers b Christian York & Joey Matthews (losers cannot team up ever again in MCW), Bruiser b Hack Myers to keep MCW title, Johnny Kashmere b Trent Acid and Reckless Youth in a 3-WAY, Chad & Dino b Briscoe Brothers, Bruiser & Valentino NC Danny Doring & Chris Chetti when Chetti turned on Doring..

  • September 25, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling Rage TV tapings in Baltimore: Chad & Dino Devine b Holy Rollers, Alexis Laree b Angela, Queenan Creed b Genesis, 2 Dope b Sydeswype, Joey Matthews b MCW champ Bruiser-DQ..

  • December 4, 2002--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD before 850 fans: Red was stripped of his cruiserweight belt because of his TNA commitments. They did a five-way elimination for the title with Sideswipe going over. Bruiser b Joey Matthews, did an interpromotional angle with former rivals MEWF, with MEWF guys being brought in as the faces..

  • January 29, 2003--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD drew 400 fans for their awards show: Reckless Youth b Derek Wayne, Buzz Stryker b Brock Singleton, Gillberg b Lucifer, Models Inc. & Genesis b Holy Rollers, Joey Matthews b Romeo Valentino, Christian York won three-way over Julio Dinero and Qeenan Creed (to set up a match with TV champ Joey Matthews on the next show) in what was said to be a great match, 2 Dope b Adam Flash-DQ, Alexis Laree b Angela, Danny Doring b Bruiser to win MCW title after interference by Chad Bowman and Dino Devine..

  • March 12, 2003--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD before 500 fans: Reckless Youth & Travis Finity b Qenaan Creeed & Rob Eckos, Brock Singleton b Crazy Shay, Dino Divine b Billy Redwood, Adam Flash b 2-Dope to win cruiserweight title, Derek Wayne & Buzz Stryker b Holly Rollers, Joey Matthews b Christian York, Chad Bowman b The Bruiser, Alexis Laree b Angela, Doug Delicious b Buff Bagwell (this was funny because a lot of people booed and yelled boring at Bagwell for his stalling, then got in line for the Polaroid gimmicks), Danny Doring b Romeo Valentino..

  • May 15, 2003--Maryland Championship Wrestling in Glen Burnie, MD before 450 fans: Dusty Rhodes was announced before the show as a no-show, but that Lita was making an appearance to replace him. She refereed later in the show. Reckless Youth b Adam Flash in 2/3 falls to win cruiserweight title, Church & Brock Singleton b Dope & Travis Finity, Doug Delicious won TV title from Joey Matthews, Lucifer & Holly Rollers won a six-team blindfolded match with Lita as referee, Christian York b Julio Dinero, Chad Bowman & Dino Divine b Romeo Valentine & Bruiser, Alexis Laree b Angela, Kelly Bell won Stampede Battle Royal, Danny Doring b G-Dawg, Danny Doring b Qenaan Creed, Danny Doring b Corporal Punishment (Lita interfering) to run the gauntlet..

  • July 16, 2003--Maryland Championship Wrestling FINAL SHOW in Glen Burnie, MD before 1,100 fans: Jay & Mark Briscoe b Jose & Joel Maximo, Crash Holly b Adam Flash, Doug Delicious b Bob Starr, Ghetto Mafia b Buzz Stryker & Derek Wayne, Chris Divine won three-way over Matt Stryker and Rob Eckos, Gillberg & Van Hammer & Headbanger Thrasher & Kelly Bell b Holy Rollers & Brock Singleton & Genesis, Julio Dinero & Jimmy Cicero b Bruiser & Billy Redwood, Danny Doring (MCW champ) won three-way over Romeo Valentino (MEWF champ) and Chris Chetti to unify the two titles, Christian York won the final Shane Shamrock Cup and unified the MCW & MEWF Cruiserweight titles over Joey Matthews, Reckless Youth, Qeenan Creed, Jay Briscoe and Crash Holly.

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