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Marksman Uniform and Armament

Marksmen wear chain armour, as it gives them more room to use their bows. Only exception is that of the arms, where they wear plate golden arms. The Marksmen do not wear any coifs, but instead a feathered hat and a cloak, both in the same colour as the guardsman kilt. For weaponry they strongly prefer a bow, crossbow or heavy crossbow, but may wield one-handed melee weapons or axes in combat as well. No shields, however.


Marksmen Equipment :

A Marksman tries his/her best to be out of danger while raining down destruction upon the enemy, so in this view, all Marksmen should at least have some skill in carpentry and a carpentry tool or carry at least six sheafs of wheat or six small/medium/large boxes to create a barricade.

Weapons :