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The Winelist

«The Duke's Special Reserve»

Deep ruby-red in colour with garnet tones, rich in extracts and tannins yet balanced, soft, and stylish, with a fine, lingering finish. One of the best wines I have ever tasted. Produced 15 years ago from a particularly good vintage.

«Valorian Reserve »

This white wine gives forth a host of aromas on the nose, including pear, melon, citrus, caramel, and sweet vanilla and oak. The palate is equally complex and well integrated, complemented by a creamy mouth feel and bright, lengthy finish. This Wine ages well.

«Trinsic Sparkler»

Powerful nose of roasted apple, pear tart with a butter crust, a hint of freshly cooked cranberries, and a toasted baguette. The wine is powerful and concentrated with an explosion of focused fruit flavours. Baked apples, toasted hazelnuts, ripe pears, and honey. In spite of the un inventful name this actually one of the best Sparkling wine.

«Valorian White»

The color of Valorian White is pale straw with green tinges. There is a fruity and fragrant nose, reminiscent of mint leaves and, at times, lemongrass. It is generally medium to full bodied with a characteristic flinty aftertaste. V.W. usually ages 5 to 8 years. It is excellent served as an aperitif .

«Forest Glen»

Complex aromas of tropical fruit and toasty oak. Deliciously fruity, elegant, ripe and concentrated with lots of apple, pear, fig and butterscotch flavors. The oak barrel fermentation is especially evident in the smoothness of the lingering, harmonious finish.

«Vesper Hills»

Color: Pale straw with brilliant green hues.

Nose: Plenty of melon and nectarine fruit characters with some tropical overtones. A pleasant creamy and butterscotch character and sweet nut influence adds complexity.

Palate: Full flavored and rich with excellent marital fruit and perfectly balanced oak integration. Fruit flavors have been complexed by yeast contact and creamy malolactic fermentation has given the wine a pleasant softness and low acid finish.

«Waywatcher Wine»

Also know as Water.

«Yew Olde Wyne»

The Gnarled Crossbow's house wine. Sold for 100 gold a bottle.

«Blessed Wine»

Also sold in the Gnarled Crossbow. Sold for 350 gold a pitcher